Research For Gemini

Blog 3 What research did you do for the novel to ensure credibility? Have you, or do you plan to work with consultants? At what point would you bring in a consultant?   Thank you for this question. It’s a very relevant topic especially in this genre, which is psychological, medical and crime related. Yes. […]

Questions From Readers

I’m back, rather quickly. I’ve gotten a few questions from people who have emailed me privately rather than write a reply to the blog. You can too, if you prefer at I will, however answer your questions in blog form. I’m sure if you have a question, other people may have the same. It’s […]

How In The World Did I Write A Novel?

How In The World Did I Write A Novel? Well folks, I did and typed the words ‘The End’ on Nov. 16, 2012 coming in at 606 pages and 120,864 words for my first complete working draft. It was just one day shy of thirteen months after I wrote the word ‘Prologue’ in my notebook. […]