A Glimpse Into Gemini #PsychologicalThriller #Romance #Paranormal

geminicover2IMG_1522Now that I have a Release Day for Gemini, June 6th, I want to give you a glimpse into my psychological thriller that will keep you yearning for more of Dr. John Trenton. Here’s the back cover blurb:

His life is exactly the way he wants it to be—until he meets her…

Both psychic and clairvoyant, Dr. John Trenton is a forensic psychiatrist who has a wife he worships and a position as a department head at a hospital for the criminally insane in Manhattan. His patients—young adult men, who are some of the most psychotic and psychopathic criminals in NYC—enable him to live his life on the edge, just the way he likes it. Then he meets a woman who changes everything.

She is two days from accomplishing the revenge she lives for—until she meets him…

Stripper by night, school psychologist by day, Gemini obsessed Barbara Montgomery, makes a critical mistake and is committed for seventy-two hours of observation, where she risks it all in an unnerving escape. Furious with Dr. Trenton for interfering in her life, she is now determined to kill his wife and unborn child, along with everyone else who has ever caused her pain—real or imagined.

As the killing spree continues, John is forced to use all his ESP, as well as his knowledge and expertise, to interpret this psychopath’s Gemini obsession and unravel her dark and murderous past. But can he track her down and bring her to justice—before she destroys his world completely?

Please feel free to leave comments and questions and I want to offer to you, two things. 1. Tarot is utilized by the psychopathic killer, Barbara Montgomery, and Dr. Trenton. So as my free gift to you–readers of this blog–if you comment AND write your birth month and day, I will do a FREE, 1-2 sentence year reading for you and write it in the reply to your comment. So make sure you request to get further comments on the blog. 2. If you subscribe to my newsletter you have a chance of winning a piece of sterling silver or pewter gemstone jewelry or healing stones (read last week’s blog to see samples) on release day. I will choose names randomly.

Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into Gemini.

The Sign Behind The Crime,


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    • Hi Bev, Thank you and I’m putting it out to the universe for Gemini to be well received. This is your Strength year. You’ll be tested to be strong through some obstacles and you will be successful in overcoming them. Your angels are watching over you to tame any unhealthy feelings that might come up.

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