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Hi all, this is going to be a shorter blog today. With preparation for the workshop I gave yesterday to my writer’s chapter and the community, Marketing: The Monster In The Closet, and working on the fourth book of the series, Libra while waiting for my edits on Scorpio, blogging fell by the wayside. It’s a writer’s life. A life of compromise. choosing priorities, working through excuses and finding the time to do what is necessary. Marketing has also taken precedence for me throughout my social media platforms. You can follow me on Facebook on my author page, and communicate with me there as well. I’d love to chat with you. On Twitter and on Instagram you’ll see tweets about writing and my books, meet the authors I re-tweet, and learn about health and wellness which is my major priority in life. Without my health, at 69, I wouldn’t have the energy or strength to go through my active life, nor would I have been able to stand for an hour and a half giving my workshop yesterday. If you check my Instagram, you’ll see all of the pictures.

I was asked to present the workshop yesterday by the President of my chapter because she knows that I’m all over the place on social media. My chapter members tell me, “I go online, and there you are in something new!” Well yesterday, I went through my strategies on marketing in our daily lives, and throughout social media. I focused on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Podcasts. Here is my latest Podcast with Yvonne Mason. We talked life, asthma, education, publishing, and more. I don’t want to fill up this blog with links, so if you go to my Facebook author page, you’ll be able to see my latest appearances on podcasts and a TV show.

By the way, I love conducting workshops and have been teaching adult learners since the 1980’s. If you’d like me to present this workshop to your writer’s chapter or organization, I’m open to discussing this with you. So please reach out.

As I celebrate two years as a published author with Black Opal Books, we’re having $.99 sales on my books. Last month it was Gemini. Now, for a short time we’re running that same sale on Aries. Here is an excerpt to whet your appetite.


The lead detective said the case was cold, no new leads, but she didn’t buy it. This was one case she was determined to solve…

Sam scanned the office. Nothing great. A bland doctor’s office in a hospital. Sterile. White walls. His diplomas hung on a wall opposite his colonial, dark wood desk. No pictures on the wall. Either he wasn’t a showy kind of guy, or he didn’t feel that this place was his milieu.
She deduced that it was both. If she was going to help him find his wife’s killers, she’d have to know him and, so far, this hunk hadn’t let out a clue to his emotionality. Everything she needed to know about him was hidden behind his even temper and soothing, deep voice. She had to make a connection with him, even on a primal level.
“Is this your private office?”
“Yeah. I insisted they get me something where I could write out my reports in private. Hate doing them at the nurse’s station. Way too busy for me.”
She removed a huge file from her bag and put it on his desk, looking for the slightest reaction. Nothing.
Frank didn’t pay attention at first. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry. She couldn’t believe that it didn’t affect him anymore. That surprised her and worried her at the same time. He had probably been through Jen’s folders more than a million times and didn’t expect anything different from these new ones. Discouraged and pained would describe how he probably felt. It had been over two years. It was considered a cold case now. She agreed with the lieutenant on reopening it. Never give up on a colleague’s case, no matter how long. There’s no statute of limitations on a murder case, so she’d do what she had to, even wake up the dead.

I’m hearing thunder so I must get offline. Here are the buy links for both books in The Sign Behind The Crime Series.

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