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AriesWow, today I have the, uh, pleasure of speaking with AriellaRose Larcon, the woman who murdered five fashion industry icons. She’s also responsible for arranging hits on three other women and more undisclosed murders that are still under investigation. So you ask, how is she still alive to be interviewed after all of those heinous crimes? Well, folks, here’s where the author created a character that the reader would beg her not to kill. So I, Ronnie Allen, didn’t. At the end of this interview, you’ll read an EXCERPT from ARIES that’s being revealed for the first time.

Dr. Frank Khaos presently has AriellaRose hospitalized on a psychiatric floor of a Manhattan hospital. She’s being resistant to any kind of therapy or discussing anything case related. He called me in to see if I can develop a rapport with her, even in a minute way. Today, I’m visiting the hospital with a special clearance from Dr. Khaos. He reminded me not to wear any jewelry or have any metal on my outfit, including my bra. I was instructed to leave my bag and cell phone in my car. That would prevent less of a hassle in the security search. So here we go.

I made it though security sounding the alarm only once. My luck.  It was my asthma pump which I carry with me all of the time. I was allowed to keep it because as one burly guard said, “We want you to be able to breathe.” Yeah. Me too, and I appreciated that. After going through the search, I was escorted to AriellaRose’s room by her psychiatric nurse, Jake. He told me that her diagnosis is not yet confirmed and that she’s in no way fit to stand trial. Dr. Khaos wants to do what’s best for her and he’s not rushing her case. Jake prepared me for my interaction with AriellaRose. She uses the F bomb. A lot. Especially when she’s challenged. She also creates nick names for people she likes as her term of endearment. We’ll see if I get one.

Jake put his key card into the slot next to the doorframe. He put one hand over the other to prevent me from seeing what he keyed in. Like I’d want to go in there again. He opened the door wide and I saw AriellaRose sitting up in bed in her single room wearing a light green hospital gown. Her short blonde  hair looked freshly groomed and I was met with her usual smirk. Jake made the intros and then told us that everything is recorded, both audio and video, in real time. Any problems, the guards would be in immediately. His final words to AriellaRose were to play nice. I smiled. She gave him the finger. And then she turned her head away from the door to face the window.

I decided that I better play it low key and not approach her with my usual upbeat self. I took a deep breath and sat in a club chair a few feet from the bed, my arms resting on the sides of the chair.

AR: (She stared at me through her ice-blue eyes.) You still here?

Me: Yep. I came to talk with you for awhile.

AR: Now why would you do that?” (She crossed her arms over her chest.)

Me: Well, people really understood what you went through in the Aries case. They had compassion for you. They didn’t agree with murdering over it, but they understood your ‘why.’ I wanted you to know that.

AR: You expect me to believe that BS?

Me: Whether you believe it or not, it’s the truth.

AR: Just so you know, I don’t believe people very often.

Me: Really?

AR: What, are you dense? I’d use some stronger words, but you’re, an, uh, old lady.

Me: I can hold my own in the vulgarity department, don’t worry. Okay. Who do you believe?

AR: The only ones who’ve been honest with me my entire life are Tattooman and that Detective Samantha. Everyone else couldn’t give a shit. Even the girls I employed. Especially that Calinda. And you know what she did.

Me: Yes. I do know. I can understand how pissed you were.

AR: (A deep breath, and she relaxed her posture on the bed, slumping down.)

Me: You like to call Dr.Khaos, Tattooman?

AR: Yeah, Khaos. I never call him that, so I forgot for a moment. That med he’s giving me sometimes makes me think fuzzy. Oh, by the way, since you created us, what’s going on with them? I mean, are they still hooking up? You gotta know what that means.

Me: Yes. I do. And yes, they’re still a couple.

AR: (Her eyes widened.) Oh yeah? Good. They both liked that kink stuff.

Me: Uh uh. So AriellaRose, tell me, how’s Dr. Khaos and everyone treating you, here?

AR: It’s okay, most of the time. He’s giving me some med to calm me down. He says it’s to make me more comfortable. In the beginning, I’d still get nuts and BlackRam, he says, would come out and attack. I don’t know who the hell she is. But as long as I’m talking nice, like with you, it’s okay. My lawyer negotiated that I shouldn’t be handcuffed to the bed. Dr. Khaos said he wouldn’t do that to me anyway. Only if I attack. I did it once to test him.

Me: What happened?

AR: They sent a psych intern in here to give me some tests. (She paused and looked up at the recording device). I better not talk about it.

Me: How come?

AR: (Her eyes turned to glaciers and shot an angry look. She sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed). Listen you crazy bitch!

Jake dashed in and pulled her into his arms. She started to punch him with all her strength. He got her into the bed and pulled up the side railings. A guard rushed over to me and escorted me out of the room, fast. Guess I didn’t earn a nickname.

I hope you enjoyed this interview. Up next, is a never before seen two page excerpt with the three main characters.


Sam walked down the corridor to AriellaRose’s hospital room. She paused when she heard pained screaming.

“You’re hurting me! Stop!”

“AriellaRose look at me. Not your arm. You have to keep your arm still. Come on. I’m here with you.” Frank’s voice was in his usual comforting tone.

Sam wondered if this man ever showed emotion. They had spent a good part of two days together and he had never raised his voice above a soothing decibel. For such a behemoth, he appeared way too calm.

How does he do that?

Maybe she could learn something from Frank. The only time she was calm had been in her classroom. She had loved being with the little kids. But she had to move on after ten years. She had craved the excitement of law enforcement. She got high on the action, and she needed that high. She needed it to survive her boring, celibate life.

“Okay, we’ll be done a second. There ya go. Done,” the blood tech said.

Sam waited outside the door, leaning against the wall and crossing her right foot over her left. Her mind went to the conversation with Mrs. Larcon.

Is Frank interested in me? She laughed silently. It would be about time she had a relationship. But she wasn’t sure she was interested in him. Is he as calm in the bedroom as he appears to be at work? She couldn’t deal with that. She liked her men a little more aggressive in bed. What am I thinking? He’s a colleague. Off limits.

However, it had been way too long. The last schmuck did a number on her. She was so naive she wouldn’t believe her friends when they told her they had seen him with another woman, too close and too friendly. And she was the one who was psychic. Yeah, right. Dara didn’t warn her about him. Or maybe she did and Sam didn’t listen to the signals. She had no one to blame but herself. For six months, he cheated. And what for? She knew she was awesome in bed. Her ego was exactly where it should be.

No worries, Sam. The right one will come along when the time is right.

The one she felt sad for was AriellaRose. That woman needed someone who’d understand her. Her mother certainly didn’t. Sam had had children like AriellaRose in her classroom, withdrawn, saddened by the way their parents treated them. She had become saddened, too. She had become their surrogate mommy. But AriellaRose was an adult and Sam decided she’d do her best to befriend her. On second thought, that wasn’t in her job description. You’re a detective now. She wasn’t supposed to become attached to anyone in an investigation.

The tech exited the room and nodded to Sam. Sam waited a second and entered the room. The back of Frank’s stark white lab coat stopped her like a brick wall. Her briefcase slipped off her shoulder and fell onto the floor in one smooth motion. “Hi, AriellaRose. How are you feeling?”

Her smiley tone wasn’t appreciated. AriellaRose rolled her eyes. Sam took it down a notch. “I just came by to see how you’re doing.” She turned her attention to Frank. “Hello, Doctor Khaos.”

“Hello, Detective.”

She nodded in approval at uniform of the moment. “You’re looking rather doctorly, Doctor Khaos.”

He loosened his tie. “Thank you, Detective.”

“Oh my God! Why don’t you two get outta here and go fuck?”

“Excuse me?” Sam couldn’t believe her need was that obvious. Will he see that, too?

“Oh, man. AriellaRose,” Frank added.

“Knock it off. You both look like you need it, bad.”

“Don’t worry about us, AriellaRose,” Sam said. “I need to talk to you.”

“Well, I’m talked out. This motor-mouth shrink won’t leave me alone.”

Frank nodded to Sam. She got the message. “Okay. I’ll let you rest.”

“Good. Both of you, out.”

“All right. See you later. Keep yourself covered. It’s chilly in here.” Frank pulled up the sheets for her. He nodded to Sam and they both left the room.


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