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I’m back, rather quickly. I’ve gotten a few questions from people who have emailed me privately rather than write a reply to the blog. You can too, if you prefer at I will, however answer your questions in blog form. I’m sure if you have a question, other people may have the same. It’s the universal consciousness thing. I will not disclose your name of course. One gal wrote that she didn’t want to respond to a blog until more of the novel is disclosed. Well, that won’t happen yet for quite a while. Just tidbits, like the one I’ll give in the third paragraph. The reason?  I’m still doing edits and revisions and it’s a copyright obsession of mine as well.

This week is going well after I completed a course given online by RWA. (Romance Authors of America.) It was about Authors Intrusion. How authors allow their own voice to slip onto the page instead of their characters. Great stuff. I learned a lot. I analyzed a lot in my first four chapters. Kept what I thought appropriate and cut some. The editing process can take as long as writing the original WIP, but I’m going full speed ahead.  Just wanted to give you an update on where I am.

Another question I got was from a fellow. “What is ‘cupid’ doing in a Psychological Thriller?” Well, the cupid is a real life, five-year old boy, Ricky, who is pivotal in bringing my player NYC Forensic Psychiatrist together with his love interest. The hot, sizzling, love interest. Who that is, I will not let slip out. No matter how much you plead, beg or torture me.

So please send me your comments and questions, or reply to this blog and I will answer them promptly on this blog.

To Happy & Successful Writing

Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to you all.



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