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How exciting this is going to be! I was invited to participate in a blog hop by Candy Burke, a multi-published author of romance novels who happens to be one of my Facebook and twitter friends. She wrote a blog answering four questions, and ‘tagged’ three authors to write a blog answering the same. I was one of the lucky ones she chose. I’ll tell you, she writes an awesome blog and her books sound delicious! So do yourself a favor and read her blog.

One thing I learned from being a member of RWA, SSRA ad being active on social media, is that we authors are one supportive bunch! Our goal has been to help each other advance to the next level in our careers and to learn as much as we can to be successful. I’ve always believed in following successful people. Do what they do. Why reinvent the wheel? I’ll tell you it works!

On this blog hop, you’ll be meeting authors at all stages in their journey to publication. From those just starting out, to pre-pubbed like me, to those in contract, to those who are multi-published I know you’ll learn a lot from each author. You never know. You might get encouraged to write the next best seller. And if you’ve been thinking about writing, this will sure give you the boost.

Each of the authors I’ll be tagging write in different genres. You’ll get a glimpse into what their journey in the writing industry has been like. For me, I prefer the crime based novels. Thrillers with a sexy killer. And sexy hero. The latter goes without saying. You’ll get a glimpse into my current WIP, as I market GEMINI to publishers. It’s a Romantic Suspense with a capital R!

So, please return next week to read my answers to the four questions and then I’ll divulge whom I selected to follow the frog!





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    • Anna, Thank you so much! Your support and the support of our sister and bro Merms made all the difference.It was meant for us to move down here to Florida just to meet you all! Best, Ronnie

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