I Am So Grateful!!!

Wow Readers, so many wonderful things have happened since I wrote last. The past few months I have been working on getting Gemini ready for submission. And I have done exactly that. Partials of Gemini are now with a NYC publisher and 2 NYC agents. So how did I get there? With very hard work […]

Author’s Writing Goals For 2013 & Their Web Sites Cont’d

Hi Ronnie, My primary writing goals for 2013 are to write and submit  three manuscripts and publish two books. Although these are output goals and not high level goals, focusing on them allows me to develop  incremental objectives of how much writing to accomplish each day, week, and month.  As I mentioned in our writing […]

Author’s Writing Goals For 2013 & Their Web Sites

1. My single goal is to finish the WIP.  That may not sound like much, since I’m about two-thirds through the first draft, but  my first book, Damned If You Don’t, went through six or seven drafts and I anticipate the same this time around. Ronnie, best of luck meeting your goals. I’m in awe […]

My Writing Goals For 2013. What Are Yours?

Hi All, I’m seeing it in every group on Linkedin, in my Yahoo Groups writer’s Loops and at my meetings. Everyone is asking, ‘What are your writing goals for 2013?’ So I decided to write a blog on mine and open it up to you, my readers, to add yours. As of today, Jan. 27, 2013, […]

My Writing Life

  Wow! That’s my desk folks! All 606+ pages. 120,900 words of it. The WIP, of the Psychological Thriller, Gemini. As of today, I’ve done my edits and revisions on 22 chapters. 22 more to go. Over the last week, I cut an entire chapter, and deleted around 3000 words. I work on hard copy. […]

Sub Genres In Psychological Thrillers, Part II

We continue, Here the genre is broken down into sub genres. I was generously given permission to reprint this by http://www.cuebon.com/ewriters/index.html Legal thrillers take place in and around the courthouse. Often a lawyer finds a new case to be anything but typical, and soon lives are at stake. Those who bypass the law are ultimately […]

Sub Genres In Psychological Thrillers, Part I

Hi Everyone, Hope all is well, and you recouped from the hustle and bustle of the holidays. This blog will answer another site visitor question. What is a psychological thrilller? This is the genre of Gemini, a story of a female antagonist, a psychopathic predatory murderer, and the protagonist,  a male NYC forensic psychiatrist. Sometimes it is hard to nail […]

Research For Gemini

Blog 3 What research did you do for the novel to ensure credibility? Have you, or do you plan to work with consultants? At what point would you bring in a consultant?   Thank you for this question. It’s a very relevant topic especially in this genre, which is psychological, medical and crime related. Yes. […]

Questions From Readers

I’m back, rather quickly. I’ve gotten a few questions from people who have emailed me privately rather than write a reply to the blog. You can too, if you prefer at scriptutor@aol.com. I will, however answer your questions in blog form. I’m sure if you have a question, other people may have the same. It’s […]

How In The World Did I Write A Novel?

How In The World Did I Write A Novel? Well folks, I did and typed the words ‘The End’ on Nov. 16, 2012 coming in at 606 pages and 120,864 words for my first complete working draft. It was just one day shy of thirteen months after I wrote the word ‘Prologue’ in my notebook. […]