#Mystery Author Judy Penz Sheluk #Tarot in Fiction #MTW #MTW_2017 MysteryThrillerWeek

Wow! My next several blogs will be so exciting for you, as readers, because I’ll be featuring fellow authors for the upcoming Mystery Thriller Week Annual Event which takes place on Facebook, Feb. 12-22. Authors in the Mystery Thriller genre, every sub-genre included, will be participating in blogs, readings, takeovers, and let’s not forget giveaways. […]

My Upcoming Events #onpointbookfair #BookSignings #AmReading

So many awesome things are coming up for me, I figured I’d write them in a blog. I was always taught by business gurus that successful people know when an opportunity is right in front of them. And when that happens, the advice is to grab it. Those of you who know me are familiar […]

Meet Jennifer Taylor #HistoricalRomance #Author #AmReading

Today, I have the pleasure of featuring author Jennifer Taylor on my blog. Her second novel, Heartbeat of the Moon was just released and oh, boy, is it an exciting time. That feeling never gets old. Welcome, Jennifer! 1. What was the inspiration for your first book Mercy of the Moon? Thanks for having me, […]

#Lovers Meet: #Excerpt From Aries. #AmReading #RomanticThriller

Below is an excerpt from Aries in which the love interests meet for the first time. Rookie Detective Samantha Wright has already gotten herself into hot water on her first day in the rank. In comes forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Frank Khaos and to give her another jolt, their relationship gets off to a rocky start. […]

A #Character Who Loves To #Cook. #HealthyFoodChoices #GlutenFree

I love to cook. For the past 42 years being married to Bob, I’ve gone in spurts, depending where I was at in my business world. I’ve always used nutrition and diet in conjunction with my medical practitioners to help me with health issues. To control diabetes and actually conquer it since 2011, I lost […]

Meet #Author Tierney James #Thriller #Afghanistan

Today I have the pleasure of featuring Tierney James on my blog. Wow! I found out so many things about this amazing woman, educator, and world traveler. Tierney gives us a picture of Afghanistan that that very few of us in the U.S. would be aware of. Here we go! I believe world geography connects everything […]

An #Interview With a #Killer. #Antagonist

Wow, today I have the, uh, pleasure of speaking with AriellaRose Larcon, the woman who murdered five fashion industry icons. She’s also responsible for arranging hits on three other women and more undisclosed murders that are still under investigation. So you ask, how is she still alive to be interviewed after all of those heinous crimes? […]

#Readers, What Do You Require In A Badass #Villain? #Antagonist #AmReading

I would love for this blog to be interactive, so I’d really like to see comments answering the question in the title of the blog. So much so, I’m giving prizes to THREE people who comment. I’ve been writing since the late ’70s. I started in screenwriting and film. In the early ’90s I went […]

Pre-Order Aries. Coming 1/23/16 Excerpts #RomanticThriller #ParanormalRomance

Writing for me is definitely a labor of love, so it is with great pleasure I present to you, Aries :The Sign Behind The Crime Book 2. Here are three excerpts for your reading pleasure. You can pre-order Aries here, and get the ebook for Gemini on sale until 1/23/16 BLURB Lying. Deception. Cover-ups. Anger. […]