Meet Lexi Post #EroticRomance Author #WesternRomance #HotCowboys #Giveaway

Me: Today I have the pleasure of speaking with erotic romance author, Lexi Post, who took time out of her schedule to answer some questions for my readers and hers, who hopefully will visit. Today is a special day for Lexi. It’s release day of COWBOY’S MATCH   In honor of release day, GIVEAWAY randomly chosen […]

Love to #Cook? Read #Recipes From My #Novels. #FoodInBooks

I love to cook. So, it makes sense that one or more of my characters in my novels love to cook, also. Their recipes? Mine of course. And many of my recipes have been handed down from my mother and grandmother. In this blog, you’ll meet Victoria Elizabeth Marin, aka Vicki, the love interest in […]

Is Your #Career In Your #Novel? Mine is! #Education #LoveChatWrite

This week’s Romance Weekly’s blog hop questions are very relevant for me and my debut novel, Gemini: The Sign Behind the Crime. The questions are, ‘What is your day job? What inspired you to take this job and would you consider giving it to one of your characters?’” To answer the first question, right now […]

How #Writers Can Use #Tarot To Enrich Their MS #AmWriting #AmReading

I have been utilizing the power of Tarot as a Tool of Empowerment since the mid 1990’s, so much so that I’ve taught workshops and courses both in NYC and here in Central Florida, where I now live. I am a certified Tarot Master Instructor and it was natural for me to work with the […]

Meet Jenn Gibson #TeenCourage #TeenDisability #HearingImpaired

Today I have the pleasure of speaking with a friend from Black Opal Books, Jennifer Gibson, award winning photographer, illustrator, graphic designer, and let’s not forget author of three Teen novels that has had outstanding praise from reviewers and authors. Thank you, Jenn for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me.   […]

Emotions Post #ReleaseDay #PsychologicalThriller #Crime

Wow, today my baby is 19 days old. My emotions are still running rampant as they were on the first day I signed the contract with Black Opal Books June 2, 2014 through June 6, 2015 when people who had pre-ordered received the Kindle version downloaded onto their device. The biggest thrill, a few days […]

Gemini #ReleaseDay is Here! #PsychologicalThriller #Romance

Hi everyone! The day is here. Gemini: The Sign Behind the Crime, Book 1 is being released on June 6th. My dream for the past four years has come to fruition. Since Oct. 2011, I have been working on Gemini. The summer of 2013, it made it’s first round of submissions. After a relatively few, a […]