Romance Weekly: Week 5!

What is your writing process like? My writing process varies depending upon the project I’m working on. For Gemini, I had a complete outline done before I started working on the novel on paper. It was a story I created awhile back. When I picked it up again, I ran through the story in my mind from […]

SouthWest Florida Romance Writer’s Conference

I’m back home safe and sound from our trip to Estero, Florida but I’m still flying high with the energy. I went to the conference with my partner in crime, Judith Kammeraad, and as usual, we rocked! When I told people I was going to Estero, they asked, “What? Where?” We get the same response […]

Romance Weekly Week 3!

Do you have a favorite character from any of your books?  My favorite character is from Gemini. The antagonist, Kellie Wilson aka Barbara Montgomery, Emily Connors, Susan Miller and a multitude of others.  I actually worked the same field as she in the NYC Department of Education. This psychopathic predatory murderer was the sickest person […]

Romance Weekly: Week Two

What is the weirdest question you have been asked about writing? Actually, it was a response when others in our company told this person I was a novelist. She said and I quote, “My only claim to fame is getting a tan.” Laughed over that one. But I’ll use that line in a novel. So […]

Romance Weekly I

  What made you start writing romance as opposed to any other genre of literature?  My favorite genre has always been thrillers, crime, police procedurals. When I found my RWA chapter, Sunshine State Romance Authors, I loved the group and the information I was learning. I turned my Psych Thriller, Gemini, into a psych thriller […]

Romance Weekly Coming Jan. 28th

Do you like to read romance novels? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well, you came to the right place! Join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all…… About our writing of course! Every Tuesday we’ll all answer the same questions […]

Guest Blogger…. C. Barry Dunham

Hi Everyone, This week I’d like to welcome Barry Dunham as my guest. This just goes to prove what talented authors we have in our RWA chapter, SSRA! He answers four thought provoking questions about his writing process. Quite interesting. I learned a lot about Barry that I didn’t know. 1) What I’m working on. I […]

Dr. John Trenton Interview

Me: Thank you so much for consenting to this interview Dr. Trenton. My readers of this blog have been looking forward to learning all about you. Dr.T.: My pleasure. I’ve been recuperating here in Serento, Florida and I’m going nuts. I’ve been pleading with Ronnie to get me into another case asap.  Me: So what […]

My Turn to Blog Hop!

Hi Everyone, Last week I wrote an introduction to what this blog hop will be about, so I won’t repeat here. However, I do want to thank Candy Burke again for her warm invitation.. 1. What I’m I working on now. My current WIP (Work In Progress) is a Romantic Suspense that takes place in […]

Blog Hop Coming Next week!

              How exciting this is going to be! I was invited to participate in a blog hop by Candy Burke, a multi-published author of romance novels who happens to be one of my Facebook and twitter friends. She wrote a blog answering four questions, and ‘tagged’ three authors to […]