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Hey, everyone. If you’re followers of mine on Instgram and Facebook, you’ve seen many of my recipes, mostly gluten and lactose free. I’ve seen posts from people on Facebook asking for salmon recipes so I decided to write a blog with them in one place. As I’m sure you’ve heard, we writers put a lot of ourselves into our characters. For me, one character, the love interest in Gemini, Victoria Elizabeth Marin, now Vicki Trenton in Scorpio is the character that carries through my love of cooking into my books. She cooks her way into Dr. John Trenton’s heart in Gemini, and now in Scorpio, not only does she cook for her husband, she also prepares meals for Dr. Frank Khaos and Detective Samantha Wright. Actually, she’s teaching Sam all about cooking, spices and herbs, and how to use cookbooks. She prepares two salmon meals in Scorpio, and of course they’re my recipes, but I only have a picture for one. There’s also a clue that involves food she discovers that helps solve the serial murder case, but I’m not giving spoilers to that here. So here we go:

Recipe 1: Salmon over diced tomatoes, onions, and sprinkled with mint.

In a baking dish, Vicki  and I love stoneware because it retains the heat, place coarsely chopped tomatoes and onions into it. Sprinkle liberally with mint, either fresh or jarred. Place the salmon or any fish actually, on top of it. Drizzle the fish with a vegetable oil. Sprinkle the fish with garlic, paprika, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, and mint. Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degree. Easy-peasy.

Recipe 2: Poached salmon with yoghurt sauce.

Here’s where you can get creative, and I’ll let Vicki tell you in an excerpt after the recipes. She’s teaching it to Sam. But the bottom line is fill a rectangular pot–there are special pans for poaching salmon–with water. She uses filtered, or Spring water. Dump any spice you have in the house that you like into the water. It’ll flavor the fish. Let the salmon poach until done. The poaching pan has a lift in it so you can get the salmon plated without breaking. For the yoghurt sauce, get plain regular unsweetened yoghurt. Mix in all of the seasonings you used in the water. And add dill and mint. Use an herb grinder to break up the spices so their flavor and aroma goes into the yogurt. Let the flavors marinate in the fridge. The sauce can be used on potatoes, and vegetables. In the pic to the left, the salmon is served with corn fritters. This is my, uh, Vicki’s  fish poacher. It’s easily 35 years old and I got it in William Sonoma in Long Island.

Recipe 3: Salmon with lemon and herbs.

Place the salmon skin side down in a non-stick pan. Use Italian seasonings on this one: basil, oregano, garlic, thyme. Slice one lemon thinly  for each piece of fish. Place the lemon on top of the fish, and cover. Cook stove-top. Very easy.

Recipe 4: Salmon crusted with bread crumbs and spices.

Again, I played around. I’ve been using ginger and turmeric a lot in all of my dishes lately because of their health benefits–for digestion, anti-inflammatory. Here’s a pic of the brand I bought for your reference. They’re really good, and the cooking quality is excellent. I also have this brand’s teas. Awesome. Now back to the fish. In a bowl mix bread crumbs, olive oil, turmeric, ginger, garlic, cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, paprika.  Smear the paste over the fish. Cover. Cook stove-top.

Recipe 5: Baked salmon with spices and butter.

Put the fish skin down in a non-stick pan. This time sprinkle the spices on with a spoon. 1/2 teaspoon both ginger and turmeric. Then these amounts to taste of garlic, paprika, cardamom, cinnamon. Place thin pats of butter onto the fish. Cover pan and cook stove-top.







I hope you enjoy these recipes and my tips. Notice, I don’t use salt and pepper in cooking. I’ll season my foods separately, and when I do use salt, it’s Himalayan Pink Salt because of its micronutrients.

Here is an excerpt from Scorpio: The Sign Behind The Crime, Book 3 with Vicki and Sam. The cooking scenes are the comedic relief in an intense novel. And yes, it’s a short one. Too early to tell more.

Vicki laughed. “You certainly will be. Just remember they only stay fully fragrant for about six months after you open the bottle. Be prepared to cook incessantly or you’ll be wasting a lot of money. Okay, you have a great sense of smell, so that’s exactly what you have to do. Smell them. What kind of fish did you buy?”

“Salmon steaks.”

“Okay, salmon can go great with sweet or savory. Cinnamon, turmeric, curry, cumin, paprika, will go with sweet. The Italian spices, oregano, basil, thyme, rosemary, dill, garlic, onion, or cilantro, will go with savory. Those are the main ones. And you can combine. John loves garlic and onions with everything. How did you want to prepare it?”

“Okay, I bought this cookbook…” She pulled it off the counter and turned to a page she had marked. “This says ‘poached.’”

“Poached is a little more than steamed. The fish is in the water and you can put in any seasonings you want. It’ll flavor the fish.”

“And there’s a yoghurt dill and mint dressing. I think I can manage this one. I bought everything.”

“Okay, just make sure you bought plain regular yoghurt, not Greek. That’s too tarty for dill and mint.”

“Oops. Need to make another trip to the store.”

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