Do You Read Or Write in the #Paranormal Genre & Its Multitude of Themes? #Psychic #Spiritual #Metaphysical

I’m not talking about vampires or werewolves in the fantasy part of the paranormal genre, and those are such fun to read and write.

What I am talking about are other themes that run through the genre and its sub-genres. The psychic sciences, and Parapsychic: Using and reading the Tarot, crystals and gemstones, crystal healing, spiritual cleansing including rituals and spells, communicating with and contacting your spirit guides and other entities including astral travel, goddess profiling, making the mind/body connection and increasing your intuitive abilities, and dream interpretation. These themes run through my novels and my characters have the skills I use and teach to my clients.

My Goddesses with whom I work for manifestation of my goals. Isis, Hather, Quan Yin, Athena, Artemis, Gaia, surrounded by healing stones, candles and powerful wands. There’s Lord Ganesh in the front, a deity I cannot live without.

Would you like a resource with an expert to help you add credibility to your scenes and manuscript? I have one for you. Me. On my alternative healing website,, you’ll find articles on the above topics and course content. I’m not doing any of my paid services now and haven’t been since writing has dominated my life beginning a few years ago. My website is up as a resource for you.

To read my credentials please refer to the about me section on my website. I am diligent about credentials, by the way. My personal belief is that it takes years of study and certifications to become proficient to open up a practice, and I had a large one when I lived in NYC.

All of the articles written by me and others are under copyright and may not be copied in any part or their entirety or printed on any other websites. The articles are for educational purposes only…for your education.

With that being said, what follows is my way of paying it forward for the help I received in my journey of becoming a multi-published author. For those of you who have a question in any of the above areas that you’re using in your manuscript, you may contact me for assistance. This is FREE. I’ll say it again. I’m not charging for answering your questions. You may ask your question in the comments of this blog or contact me through The contact is in the dropdown menu of the ‘about’ section. Please, no contacts for other than this purpose.

What I do with my consultants who I’ve worked with is to thank them in my acknowledgements. That would be a nice gesture when your book gets published, if you’re so inclined.

Credibility in a novel is so important because a reader in the know will not hesitate to voice their opinion. Why not do your best to add the sense of reality? For example, a detective cannot all of a sudden become psychic and pull their answer to solving the crime out of a hat. That would make your plot fall flat. So if you want to develop that psychic character and you need help, contact me. Whether you write paranormal thrillers, paranormal suspense, paranormal mystery, paranormal romance, urban fantasy, YA paranormal, this all applies.

I’ve been thinking of opening a developmental editing service, but that’s down the line. Story structure, character development, plot points, plot twists, pacing, finding plot holes, and recognizing faulty structure are my strong points. For those of you who’ve read my books you know what I mean. Right now, that’s in the thinking about stage. Finishing Libra, the fourth book in The Sign Behind the Crime Series is my priority.

Assorted calcites: pink, clear, orange, rose quartz chunk, jade egg, amazonite, geode, green and clear quartz.

I hope some of you will take advantage of my offer and use as a resource.

The Sign Behind the Crime,


If you meet me at a book signing, those who buy both books get this crystal healing and gemstone chart as a gift. I’ll keep you posted on my social media.

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