Dr. John Trenton Interview

Me: Thank you so much for consenting to this interview Dr. Trenton. My readers of this blog have been looking forward to learning all about you.

Dr.T.: My pleasure. I’ve been recuperating here in Serento, Florida and I’m going nuts. I’ve been pleading with Ronnie to get me into another case asap.

 Me: So what are you doing to the pass the time?

 Dr. T.: Well, I’m writing my book, Holistic Forensic Psychiatry: Making the Mind Body Connection and teaching an undergraduate course in Abnormal Psychology at the Community College. Also spending a lot of time with Vicki, Ricky and the new pup. So are we just going to chat or do you have a list of questions prepared? (Wink)

 Me: There he goes, Dr. Organized. Heaven forbid, spontaneity. But those azurite blue eyes, OMG, Vicki is the luckiest woman alive. I have a list of questions prepared. (Blush).

 Dr. T.: Okay good. Let’s start shall we? (Wickedly sexy grin)

Me: Absolutely! I’m trembling in my seat already.

 Me:  When did you first realize you had a special gift?

 Dr.T.: Actually I was quite young. I remember at about seven, but after my mom and dad started analyzing my behavior they realized I was clairvoyant as a toddler. One day at school, it was in the middle of winter, I wasn’t paying attention in reading. I was just gazing at my teacher. She called on me and I didn’t know the answer but I just blurted out, ‘you better go outside at lunch or you won’t get home.’ She was like, ‘what?’ I said ‘you have a flat tire.’ She didn’t believe me but she went outside in a blizzard and sure enough she had a flat. She thought I did it. I got into trouble too. The school called my parents and they started recollecting things I just came out with. All I needed to do was ‘stare into space’ as everyone called it, and words just came out of my mouth. It was very uncontrolled at first. As I got older I did the controlling.

 Me: How did your friends treat you knowing about your abilities?

 Dr. T:  Most of them didn’t know. At first my clairvoyance only came out to warn me of danger. And that wasn’t with my friends. My parents were overprotected so no chance of danger there. I don’t use it to predict things, or tell me answers to exams. Only studying does that.  Once I was preoccupied thinking of an exam and almost wandered into traffic. I felt a tug of someone pulling me back, but I was alone. My colleagues today think I’m out there. Sal and Tony, may they rest in peace, were humored when Max appeared. And my new team is getting used to my ‘insights.’

 Me: Max?

 Dr. T.: My spirit guide. He’s been with me since I was a toddler. Now he’s a big bonus when profiling. In addition to medical science and alternative therapies I owe a lot of my diagnosis of Barbara to him.

 Me: So does he just appear or do you have to call him?

 Dr. T: No, he doesn’t have a cell phone. (Another wink to die for)

 Me: (Laugh) I realize that Dr. Trenton, so how do you contact him?

Dr. T: I invoke him through meditation.

Me: And he appears? Just like that?

Dr. T: Sometimes, I really have to concentrate. It can take up to twenty minutes. Like when he gave me the major clue of Castor & Pollux in Barbara’s case. Sometimes he appears to confirm my thoughts and analysis. I’ll feel a jolt of energy coming into my crown chakra on my right side, the intuitive side.

Me: How did you choose forensic psychiatry as your main focus?

Dr. T: Since both my parents are MD’s, my dad a cardiac surgeon and my mom an OBGYN, medicine was in my future. And I love to study the biological sciences. I had a disturbed, to put it mildly, teacher in eighth grade. He gave me a B- on a paper that didn’t impress my parents at all so they demanded I make it up. The teacher gave me a college level paper to do and a month to do it. He’s was really a strange man. If a student asked a question, he’d look out the window and answer the student, never looking at them, with a voice that sounded like it wasn’t coming from him. Knowing how I hear voices too, I sorta understood, but it was the lack of control and his unawareness that was dysfunctional. By the time my paper was due, he was out. I picked psychiatry right then and there. Forensics, well I like living on the edge, as Ronnie can attest to. It’s the adrenalin rush.

Me: Before you met Vicki, you were known throughout NYC as the ‘player,’ NYC’s most desirable bachelor. What was your social life like? What makes you so desirable? I can’t believe I just asked him that!

Dr. T: You mean you want details?

Me: Every sordid one.

Dr. T: Readers of this interview better be over 18, 21 even better. LOL.

Me: I’ll mention that on Facebook and Twitter. So?

Dr. T: Okay, let’s go with the first question about my social life. A lot of going out, partying, doctors parties, but not when I had a lot of studying or exams. School always took priority. But when I partied, I partied hard. Never with drinking or drugs. I have to enjoy the people I’m with. But I can pull an all-nighter with a woman I like. (Wink)

Me: Speaking of that, what type of woman do you like?

Dr. T: (Laugh). Okay you asked for it. She’s got to be natural. I mean no implants. I hate the way they feel. I’d rather have a woman smaller on top than one with implants. It’s like they put those things in, thinking it’ll give them an edge, but all it tells me is ‘stupidity.’ Also not that much makeup. I hate when it comes off on me. Another thing, a woman has to be educated, smart. I have to be able to have a conversation with her, out of the bedroom. She has to be strong enough emotionally to stand up to me, and I can be tough. It’s not ‘my way or the highway,’ but I do enjoy a playful argument. And I can’t stand a zero size thin. I’m a big guy, so I need something to hold onto.

Me: And your playful arguments?

Dr. T: Always lead to the bedroom to make up.

Me: Didn’t I once hear you say, ‘bedrooms can be boring?”

Dr. T: Yes, good memory. Okay, I’ll rephrase, Our playful arguments always lead to sex, no matter where we are.

Me: And what are your favorite places to have sex?

Dr. T: You’re covering all bases aren’t you?

Me: Not yet, but I will. LOL

Dr. T: Down  here, I love the lanai at night. In Vicki’s house it was amazing, star lit skies, no pollution. Now her house is a crime scene, so we’re at my parent’s house. I also love it poolside, anywhere private. Outdoors is great but that sometimes backfires.

Me: How?

Dr. T: Well the first night with Vicki we were on the lanai and we had a great time. I knew right then she was the one. She was lying on top of me and it started to pour. It took her a while to get me to want to go inside. I never have been in such a torrential storm, naked no less. It was powerful.

Me: So how did you get on the list of NYC’s most desirable bachelors?

Dr. T: Very long story on that one. They were coming out with the Firefighters calendar so someone in their PR department suggested doing one for doctors. It got around the hospitals and three of the nurses, whom I did not have a relationship with, by the way, nominated me. I was approached, and I crave new experiences so I thought it would be fun. They already had a blond guy and an African American guy. They were specifically looking for a man with my coloring, black hair, blue eyes. We were all built. They had us model working out in a gym in Manhattan. I’m a gym rat, I practically lived there. They wanted the bodybuilder type, six-pack abs, and I fit the bill. When the calendar came out, this was 2005, four years before I met Vicki, I was thirty-eight and dating a lot. The paparazzi started following all of us around and I was the single one. Then one of the magazines nominated me and I made that list. It’s been rough, very interfering. It’s all over the internet. My father-in-law hated me because of it when we first met and Barbara used photos against me the night she killed Sal and Tony and three ESU.

Me: I’m so sorry. That’s very painful.

Dr. T: Yes it was. (Pause for a moment) Go on.

Me: So what makes women cling to you? I can’t believe I asked him that either!

Dr. T: Seriously? Now the only one is Vicki.

Me: Okay let me put it a different way.

Dr. T: That would be a wise idea.

Me: What advice would you give to men wanting to hold onto the woman of their dreams? Like Vicki is the woman of yours.

Dr. T: Much better. First and foremost, seriously, treat a woman with respect. I’ve had my share of one night stands, and looking back on it, I get physically sick. Granted I was used as much as I used women, but Vicki changed all that. No derogatory language, no verbal or physical abuse. I’ve never done that, but I see too many men who do. Treat them well. If you can afford it, buy them presents ‘for just because.’ And with sex, and this is so important, make sure your woman is happy, totally happy. Totally satisfied. Your woman first, than you.

Me: Wow. Okay. I think we can move on.

Dr. T: I agree.

Me: How would you describe your relationship with your father-in-law?

Dr. T: Now it’s great but in the beginning love hate. He didn’t think Vicki could live within my lifestyle and he was partially right. But he did teach me a lot.

Me: Like what?

Dr. T: For one, I had to re-evaluate my belief system. What makes me worthy as a man. In New York my accomplishments defined who I was. Down here, it’s different values.

 Me: What can you tell me about the Gemini case that was the most difficult for you to cope with?

Dr. T: Oh boy, I’m still grieving. The loss of my two best friends, Tony and Sal on my NYPD team. And the suicide of a third. Discovering our Lieutenant was dirty that was devastating. We always had our difference, but Paul and I were friendly adversaries.

Me: How was that?

Dr. T. Well, Paul’s wife, Maria, and I dated when I first joined the team. She was the division secretary. When we broke up, she started seeing him. Whenever they had a fight, she’d put him down by comparing him to me in the bedroom.

Me: You’re also known as ‘the risk taker.’ How has what you went through in Gemini affected that? I mean you’re sitting here with your arm in a sling from a bullet wound.

Dr. T: I’m not afraid to go against protocol to help a patient. I took an oath ‘to do no harm, but also to dare to care.’ If I have to be aggressive I will. As far as taking risks, I go into hostage situations unarmed. I was so bent on saving Vicki and the baby, I didn’t think. Yeah, obviously it cost me.

Me: So how is Vicki?

Dr. T: She’s doing great. We just found out it’s twins. A boy and girl. Very exciting time.

Me: Where are you living now?

Dr. T: In my parent’s house. It’s big, two master suites, Ricky has his own room. It’s good. My parents love having us.

Me: How are you adjusting to living in Central Florida?

Dr. T: I’ll tell ya, it was culture shock, from the time I came face to face with that cow. Driving is great, no potholes, easy parking but no nightlife. I miss the city.

Me: How long will you be staying here?

Dr. T: Till the end of the semester and until Ronnie finds me a new case.

Me: Who do you like working with better? NYPD or Central Florida Sheriff’s office?

Dr. T: Don’t get me wrong, the guys down here are great. I’m very close to my brother-in-laws, the Commander of SWAT and the detective, but I miss the resources in NYC. Here there is no Forensic Psychiatrist. No crime lab. That’s why it’s taking so long to close the Gemini case. Evidence has to be sent to Miami, and some to Gainesville. In New York, I have the top testing and diagnostic facilities at my disposal.

Me: Last question Dr. Trenton. Then I’ll let you go. How is Ricky doing?

Dr. T: Great! My wish for the past three years was granted. It was meant for Vicki and I to break up, even for three weeks, just so she could come down here and get the call from social services. He outgrew the asthma. That’s fabulous. But he’s school phobic so we’re home schooling him until he catches up. We use the pup as leverage. Never thought in a million years my parents would let a dog in the house, a German Shepherd no less. He’ll be about 110 pounds. But we love him. Ricky chose his name, Duke. And we’ll be going through adoption within a few months. His parents gave up their parental rights. Ricky can’t wait till he has our surname. He’ll feel more secure knowing it’s permanent.

Me: Thank you so much Dr. Trenton. I appreciate your time.

Dr. T: You are very welcome. Please tell your readers if they have any additional questions, they should feel free to ask. I’ll be happy to talk again.

There ya have it. Straight from Dr. Trenton. If you have questions or would  like to leave a comment, please do so.



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