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memediaadsIMG_1287Wow, today my baby is 19 days old. My emotions are still running rampant as they were on the first day I signed the contract with Black Opal Books June 2, 2014 through June 6, 2015 when people who had pre-ordered received the Kindle version downloaded onto their device.

The biggest thrill, a few days before the actual release date, was when my box of 40 books arrived. geminibooksIMG_1658Actually it was two boxes. I gingerly open them because I didn’t want my  scissor to cut through a cover. I couldn’t have, because paper was packed on top of the books to protect them. I slowly removed the top protective paper, and I literally gasped when I saw my baby. It even had the glossy black cover I had requested. I picked up one copy and held it close to my heart as I let the tears of joy run freely. All of my work since October 2011 had finally come to fruition. I placed the book on my desk and touched my name at the top of the book tenderly with my index finger, and I had a hard time processing that it was me. I opened it and read the reviews, the acknowledgments, and the dedication. Yes indeed, the latter two were my words. gemini-promo02

I skimmed the book, and yes, it was all my words. It was definitely a dream come true. My book was in my hands.

I created my author central page and I have to admit I check it several times a day. Not necessarily to read the stats as much as to confirm that I am now an author. A traditionally published author.  I have made it through the trenches, the work, the rewrites that are required, the submissions, the edits and the marketing, though that is just beginning. I have to give myself a pat on my back. I didn’t give up!

I am humbled and honored by people at the pool who have bought Gemini right from the trunk of my car. I’ve been told by many when they hug the book, that they are so excited to know an author. They’re so excited that someone they know carried through and actually wrote and completed the book they had seen them working on diligently for a few years. And whom they continued to see work diligently as I wrote my second book and now as I’m writing the third.

When I enter the activity center to go to the pool which is daily because I do a lot of writing there, the people greet me with “the authoress is here.” How thrilling and how humbling is that? Today, one of the women and I were talking about what part of the novel she’s up to. She’s so excited to know what happens next when she lays in bed tonight, in privacy, where she can envelop herself back into the story.

I can truly say this has been a journey of a lifetime. It’s a journey that I will be taking through my second book in the series and the third. And I know, more will be coming after that.

Everyone experiences different emotions when their first book is published. I went through fear, doubt, acceptance, love, being thrilled and now being humbled, completely. What emotions did you go through when your first book was published or when something you’ve worked so hard for came to fruition? Please leave comments and questions.

You’ve read several excerpts from Gemini over the past month, so I’ll repeat the first, since it’s been awhile and if you didn’t read it previously, you now can.


Okay, girlfriend. Let’s get serious here. Tonight’s gotta be the night. Time’s runnin’ away from me.

She jammed her eyes shut, swallowed hard, and blew out a prolonged breath. Tonight could be rough. Or impossible. Her heart thumped in expectation of finding the right person to accompany her in the train wreck of her life.

She had no choice, but to make it work.

Her life depended upon it.

Before she could overthink it, she grabbed the pink paisley duffle bag, which held her outfit for the job, off the Queen Victoria chair that graced the corner of the hallway. The entire getup could fit in her jeans pocket but she had to go fancy. She zipped up the black patent leather stiletto heeled boots, hesitating for a moment, contemplating if she was getting too old to wear them. After a last minute once-over in the full length mirror on the adjacent wall, she reconsidered. Nah, not with her knockout bod. Women half her age didn’t look so good. Not even any laugh lines around her eyes to give it away. She winked in the mirror and her emerald contact lenses twinkled back.

She eased the door closed to her ritzy Manhattan apartment at one a.m. with her right hand on the knob and her left palm on the door, guiding it to the latch so that her ears alone heard the soft clicks of the bolt.

Can’t wake those old geezers next door. Otherwise, I’ll just have to do what I do best.

Chills of anticipation snaked through her as she traversed the darkened hallway to the elevator all the while listening for footsteps in her neighbor’s apartment. The elevator door opened. She slipped in.

All was good.

They got to live another night.

Here’s where you can view my Book Trailer and purchase Gemini.


Link to my book trailer




Black Opal Books


Here is the link again to my Author Central page where you can see my upcoming events.

Hope you enjoyed this blog!

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  1. Oh I remember that. Picking up the first REAL paper copy with my name in lights, opps, I mean print. Soooooooo exciting. I was doing the happy dance for weeks.
    Enjoy it to its fullest.

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