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This week I’d like to welcome Barry Dunham as my guest. This just goes to prove what talented authors we have in our RWA chapter, SSRA! He answers four thought provoking questions about his writing process. Quite interesting. I learned a lot about Barry that I didn’t know.

1) What I’m working on.

I got the idea for a sweet romance series based in the Caribbean, where a hero/heroine spins off from each story to another story set on a different island. My PYM story “The Man Upstairs” was the first of four installments in the series. “The Man Upstairs” is based on the island of St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, and is currently being reviewed by Pelican Book Group. As you might recall this story received three offers for publication as a direct result of pitches made online through Savvy Ultimately I turned all the offers down, because they were received on a version that contained a much higher heat level. The story was reviewed by a NY agent, who suggested I make the story “sweet”, so I re-wrote the story. The newer “sweet” version is the one at Pelican. I am current working on “Course of the Heart”, the second in the “Sweet Islands” series. The main setting for this story is the island of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands.

2) How is my current WIP different from others in the genre?

Other than the specific setting, “Course of the Heart” is very similar to the others in my version of the genre. I am sure folks would say that my stories are different than your typical Contemporary Inspiration due to the fact that a man is writing the stories. My stories tends to be more toward action/adventure with a strong blend of romance.

3) Why do I write?

I will answer this question with a story. When I first started writing I was lucky enough to land a renowned agent, who worked with the big 8 houses. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years back. While I was still living on the island of St. Croix, Robbie invited me to a conference in Athens, Georgia at the University of Georgia. He was keynote speaker. I sat in the back of the auditorium during her speech. There were about 250 people in that auditorium for his address. The first question he asked was: “Show of hands. How many of you write because you want to be rich and famous?” About eighty percent of the attendees raised hands. Then he asked: “How many of you write because you have to?” The remaining people raised their hands. Then Robbie said: “My address today will be for the latter group of hands. The former show of hands can go ahead and leave – you probably won’t get much from what I say today.” Fortunately, I raised my hand with the latter group – and it’s true: I write because I HAVE TO! (BTW, no one left the auditorium and his address was phenomenal!)

4) How does my process work?

Between a fulltime job as V. P. Finance for a large healthcare group, a wife who I adore, five children and two grandchildren I love, a church I am active in, and a passion for playing classical guitar, I manage to slice out enough time to write. It’s usually early in the morning, or during the weekends. And on rare occasions, I get away to our vacation home on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama (I’m leaving for there later today for a long weekend before Thanksgiving), where I apply butt glue and sit for hours upon hours and write just as fast as my fingers allow. I have been know to write upwards of 15,000 words at a sitting (pausing of course for the cause and sustenance). Fortunately, I have never had writer’s block, simply because by the time I get the chance to actually write, I have plenty to write about.

Please visit Barry’s web site Barry Denham to read about his latest novel ‘A Time For Raine’ available on Amazon.

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    • Thanks, Loretta. You are one of the sweetest and most giving persons I know. Not to mention an extremely talented writer! Without your valuable help, none of my writing projects would be where there are today. I think I owe you a big box of chocolates and a big Christmas kiss. Hmmmm – the party is coming up soon. Better watch out!

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