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It was hard. I didn’t know if I could make it. So I packed up my notebook for Scorpio,  laptop, Ipad, chargers and of course my phone to take down with me to Boynton Beach on a visit to a long awaited cousin’s reunion. We hadn’t seen each other in over five years.

The Smilowitz Clan!

The Smilowitz Clan!

This get together took a long time to arrange. To get snow birds and NY family to come down at the same time to the same area in Florida is no easy feat. Anyone who has tried to arrange a reunion will attest to that!  I had no idea if they knew I was having two novels coming out this year. Turns out they did. News in my family travels fast. It was so wonderful seeing everyone and I have the best supportive cousins, ever. I think I created in them a NY Street team. Everyone was so excited and happy for me, it was endearing. And thank Goodness, all of us are healthy and still having fun! We reminisced about our moms who were sisters and brothers. They told me things I didn’t know, because as I was told, I was too young to remember. I’m still the baby of the cousins and as old as we get, I’ll always be the baby, and the renegade. All through my adventures growing up and through my  out -of- the- box careers, I was always asked, “What’s cousin Ronschkoo (my nickname! One day I’ll name a character that!) up to?” Well, I’m still up to, a lot!

Bob has been on a mission, since we came to Florida, to find unsalted Borscht. We traveled at least a fifty mile radius. Finally, on Wednesday, he found it! writngaddictFullSizeRenderHe bought every jar they had. So thank you, Publix of Boynton Beach! You made Bob happy!

Now, here’s where it gets complicated. Yes, I was able to work on my phone adding comments to my previous blog, work my ten plus tribes in Triberr, Tweet, Retweet and work Facebook, but I didn’t take the time away from my cousins with whom we were staying, to lock myself in a room and write. Chapter two of Scorpio was gnawing at my soul to come out. The opening chapter is a heavy hitter, with the inciting incident, (not telling specifics here, no matter how much you beg). At night my protagonist and heroine, Samantha Wright, from Aries kept sending me messages. I even heard her yelling at me, “Let’s go Ronnie. Get this show on the road!” She was less than patient with me, as she was, all the while writing Aries.

Anyway, I was becoming frustrated. What that means, is my delving into foods I shouldn’t be and haven’t been eating in over fourteen months. On the trip down, I was somewhat good, well mostly good, at all the rest stops. At my cousins house, the first day, I indulged a little. By the second day, in the fabulous Italian restaurant, I blew it! I had some bread, and much of the sauce on my chicken Marsala. At night I had frozen yogurt. And I blew it at the rest stops today, eating half the bread on a sandwich.

So what does this mean? The point of this blog. Here’s my own mind-body connection analysis. I’m addicted to writing. It’s a positive passion in my life, one with which I cannot live without. It’s a way of channeling energy into something constructive and measureable. The end result being a marketable manuscript. If I’m not writing, I indulge in less healthy activities. When I’m creating my characters, engrossed in their insanities, configuring plot twists, writing what readers don’t expect at the moment, then the ha ha, it works, all I need is an ice coffee by my desk. I don’t think about food and I can stay on track. Maybe, just may, writing has been the impetus for me losing forty pounds since 2011. The timing is a match! So tomorrow, Scorpio is continued.

Now, I’m going to ask you. How long can you go without writing? What happens to you when you don’t write, that you don’t like? What discomfort do you feel throughout your body? I’d love to develop a conversation.

Please feel free to leave comments and questions.

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  1. I have a family vacation coming up and I’m going to be going out of my mind because I’ll have to ‘sneak’ in writing time. If I don’t – I’ll get really grouchy and now that I think about it I do compensate for the grouchies by eating badly. 🙂 I don’t think I can go very long without my mind racing with ideas and characters getting mad – 2 days maybe. After that – if I’m not writing I’ll be asked to move out because no one will be able to live with me 🙂

    • I was sure I wasn’t the only writer who feels this way, Fiona. It’s hard to explain to someone who isn’t of the same mind set. But to be successful in this industry, the word ‘driven’ won’t do it alone. I believe it had to be all encompassing. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. What a wonderful share, Ronnie. You are so authentic. I could feel ” Samantha” pulling at you to write her story and get it done. One thing about you, Ronnie Allen, you are a “get it done gal”. When it comes to committment, you have it! I recently heard a question asked of someone about their level of writing. Are you interested or committed? I personally am committed to getting my writing done and out there. I’ve been taking on the research part at present and the research is nearly completed. Now, for the flow and getting into the Zone, which is a state of mind I totally enjoy!

    • Hi Elly! Yes it definitely has to be a commitment. An interest then makes it a hobby. When you’re seriously seeking publication it’s a business and had to be treated as such to be successful. And you and I for sure know the business strategies. Commitment means doing the necessary re time and learning. So yes, it has to become all consuming in your life. Writing has become that for me.

  3. Great piece, Ronnie. I’m glad you labeled it as an addiction and then I’m sad about that, too. Perhaps you should think of it as being overly enthusiastic about your writing (or just the story inside your head that needs to get out) instead? I’m sure you’ll agree that finding time for other things: esp. friends/family, is just as important. Maybe if you adopted the mindset of having that be a welcome side-step in your work rather than a distraction, it might help?
    Don’t feel too bad, though. At least you were there, shared some great memories, and participated (again your will LOL). 😀 Stay positive!

    • Hi Raine! yes, writing to me is what you’ve described. Writing is something I cannot live without. So it’s an addiction in that way. Also semantics to get attention for the blog. Someone on another blog when I was guest blogging was astounded that I was able to get a 122K novel onto paper in a little over three months. It told her the truth, as I’ll repeat here. We were going through some personal traumas, and it was a lot healthier, psychologically, to delve into my characters’ insanities, than developing my own. Sometimes life does need a distraction, so one could remain whole. Concentrating on something else is a stress relief, so the body has time to repair and get back into balance. Writing does this for me. I so appreciate you stopping by and commenting. And yes, we had a wonderful time seeing family. It was way overdue.

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