I Am So Grateful!!!

Wow Readers, so many wonderful things have happened since I wrote last. The past few months I have been working on getting Gemini ready for submission. And I have done exactly that.

Partials of Gemini are now with a NYC publisher and 2 NYC agents.

So how did I get there?

With very hard work and with that being said, I’ll tell you how.

When I first picked up my pen in Oct. 2011 to write Gemini who knew I’d have a completed manuscript? Actually no one but me. Every day my friends and acquaintances at the pool would ask me what page I’m on. I mean every day. It was clockwork. One fellow at the pool became so annoying my response would be, “Three pages more than the last time you asked me yesterday.” It became a running joke. He knew I was so annoyed but he kept at it. Maybe it pushed me, who knows? When the first draft was complete, the question became, “What are you doing now?” That answer was “Re-writing, re-writing and re-writing.”

Last Dec. at our SSRA (Sunshine State Romance Authors) Christmas party, I was so fortunate to win a raffle: A full critique by published paranormal romance author, Dylan Newton. The RWA National conference was coming up in July and I wanted to get the ms ready to pitch there. I handed over my baby to Dylan, May 1 and by June 5, she sat with me for over three hours at our meeting going over the comments and suggestions she had. She was on target! I had five weeks to re-write and edit to be ready for the conference. I hope I didn’t overwhelm her with emails, but she was so gracious and excited for me each time.

During that time, I asked my friends to read Gemini. Three of them were so eager and I must tell you their comments and suggestions hit the mark too. So between these four gals, I was able to make Gemini shine, in my eyes.

At our SSRA meetings, I practiced my pitch, went over a first draft synopsis which I later expanded with Dylan.

In June another opportunity presented itself, and I’m all about grabbing onto opportunities that are right in front of my nose. (Read on to the next blog).


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