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Aries3dbookIMG_2119Below is an excerpt from Aries in which the love interests meet for the first time. Rookie Detective Samantha Wright has already gotten herself into hot water on her first day in the rank. In comes forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Frank Khaos and to give her another jolt, their relationship gets off to a rocky start. Enjoy!


Sam sat on the bench like a little girl reprimanded by the principal. Her head bent down, she wondered what could happen next. It had seemed like she had waited for over an hour. No one had come over to introduce themselves, or to make her feel welcome.

Okay, this must be an ego-oriented bunch just like the other New York City precincts.

Every cop was in competition for cases, and here she comes in on her first day, demanding a high-profile one.

There you go again Sam, with your delusions of grandeur.

She did have to pat herself on the back, though. She knew she did great today. Her self-confidence was something no one would succeed in taking away.

She didn’t have her watch. Withers had taken her phone to download her pics and recordings for Crime Scene. There was no clock on the wall. She looked up when she heard heavy footsteps. And had to look way up.

The man looked around. “Hey, know where I can find Sam Wright?”

To her, with his deep voice, his tats covering both arms, his muscles bulging through his T-shirt and skinny jeans, his olive complexion, this looked like one unsavory character. “Who wants to know?”


She couldn’t tell his expression through his dark shades, but she needed to get rid of him. “No, thank you. I have enough chaos in my own life right now.” She turned away, grimacing at his appearance, while sliding to the other end of the bench.

“Excuse me? No. I’m Khaos, Frank Khaos. It’s a metaphor for my life, too.” He removed his shades and hung them on the nape of his T-shirt. He sat on the bench, spread his legs, and bending over with his arms on this thighs, folded his hands between them. His massive frame took up most of the bench.

Sam didn’t know what to focus on first. The smirk on his rugged face, his clean shaven head, or the red crossbow skull on his T-shirt that reminded her of all the blood she witnessed today. She looked into his dark oval eyes. “You’re the psychiatrist?”

He frowned. “Yeah, forensic. And you are?”

“Detective Sam Wright.”

He looked her up and down and didn’t hide his facetious laugh. “Didn’t think this precinct had dress down Wednesday. Man, and they scowl at me in my T and skinny jeans.”

Um, a smartass tough guy. And the tats. Eww. “Well, I was off duty and found myself at a crime scene. They took my clothes and brought me this. It’s my first day. So what’s your excuse?”

He ignored the comment. Damn him. She’d love to blow off steam right about now, and this guy looked like he could take it. But what he could do to her would be another story.

“This is your first day? As a detective?” She nodded. “And you’re still sitting here?” He smiled and shook his head. “Oh, man, they’re getting you but good.”

“What do you mean?”

“Welcome to the big-boy fraternity, Detective Wright. You’re getting hazed.”

“No.” Her eyes widened. “Seriously?”

“Who’s your partner?”

“Nick Valatutti.”

“Was he at the scene with you?”


“Have you asked to go home to get cleaned up and changed?”

“No. Loo told me to wait here until he calls me back in.”

“Wait here.” He got up and walked to the corner to Loo’s office.

Sam looked after him. At his butt. Oh my God. That swagger. This guy has a bigger ego than all of them put together.

One thing, though, that had hit her immediately—his energy. Clean, pure, positive, and protective.

A few minutes later Frank returned. “Got clothes to change into?”

“Yes. Everything.”

“Good. Go do it.”

Then it hit her. “Oh my God, I can’t!”

“Why not?”

“Please don’t think I’m an idiot. My car is at the crime scene.”

“How in hell could you forget your car? You sure you’re a detective?” He bellowed out laughter, a deep laugh that emanated from his diaphragm. “Oh, man.”

“I’m glad I’m the butt of your humor, Doctor Khaos. It’s not funny. Withers was so busy yelling at me, and I was trying to block him out. He forced me into his SUV with them, and my car slipped my mind.”

“Withers? Dingo Withers? He’s on this case?”


“That’s going to be a problem. Let’s go.” She stood up and he frowned. “How short are you?”

“I’m five-six,” she retorted with pride.

“You’re not five-six. That’s here on me.” He leveled his hand on his pecs. “You’re barely five-five. Come on.” He patted her back. Then stopped dead. “They didn’t bring you a bra?”

“Nope. Nor panties.”

He stared at her with a closed-lip smirk. “TMI. You don’t censor anything you say, do you?”

“Nope. What’s on my mind is on my tongue, most of the time.”

“That’s going to be a problem, too. Come on. We’ll drop you at your car and Valatutti and I are going to notify the family. You’ll meet us back here.”

“I wanted to go.”

“No time.” Sam opened her mouth, but he cut her off before any words came out. “Hey, when I’m in the house, Khaos rules.”


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