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Have you wondered about your Spirit Guide? Who they are? How to contact them? In this blog, MAX SPEAKS, you’ll receive the answers to your questions, if you read between the lines, deeply.

Max, the spirit guide of forensic psychiatrist Dr. John Trenton has been very vocal lately. He sent a message to me through an editor on Twitter, who told me he’d make a great interview and blog. This week Max has been tapping at my shoulder through Loda, my own guide. Between the two of them, this blog should be a fun read. Loda and Max have become quite close over the past couple of years, though I doubt there’ll be a romance between them.

And of course, I humanized them. And I created the dialogue. They aren’t really present, right now. I do communicate with them though. And, you’ll learn the way I teach my clients how to contact their guides. Or you’ll at least have a start on what to do.

First, I want to thank Loda and Max for helping me with this blog.

Max: You’re welcome Ronnie. Dr. Trenton has been wanting me to speak up for myself. He also wants me to hang around longer, but I’m a get-with-it kind of guy. I tell my message in a few words and split. Rarely in complete sentences, so you won’t get any more.

Loda: All of us do that, Sugar.

Me: Max why are you sneering at Loda?

Max: Oops. Forgot you could see us. Sorry.

Me: Okay Max. I’ll make the questions quick. When did you first meet the Doc?

Max: Don’t repeat.  If answer’s in Gemini, have to read book…. When published. Like this one. Next?

Loda: Max, calm down now, Sugar. Show some patience for Ronnie’s readers.

Max: Patience not one of my attributes. Ask Lt. Carlson. Next?

Loda: Whoa Max. Who’s Lt. Carlson?

Max. Read the novel. Next?

Me: Okay Max, what are some of the ways a spirit guide helps people?

Max: Yeah. Okay. Ways I helped Doc in book. General, life’s issues, decision making. Confirmations.

Loda: Yes. Confirmations.

Me: How do you do that?

Max: We’re always present, whether the person knows it or not. People have more than one guide. And you got more than this one babe sitting next to me. And if she calls me, Sugar, one more time, she’ll find out what it means to be…. Never mind. There I went complete sentences again. Rare.

Loda: Excuse me? You’ll do what?

Max: Nothing violent. Never anything violent against women.

Me: Enough, the two of you. Can we get on with this interview?

Loda: Not yet, Ronnie. First I want to know what he’ll do to me. (Blush)

Me: Loda! I saw that!

Loda: Well Max?

Max: I’ll get you into a full body restraint. Hold you down on the bed. My arms holding yours over your head. With the both of us, well….. (A wide grin)

Me: Max, that’s not Gemini.

Max: Nope. Operation Destiny, WIP.

Me: You’re not in my WIP.

Max: Not as a character, no. But, I brought DEA agent Terrelli to his senses with Sarah. I like that dude.

Loda: No. I brought Sarah together with him.

Max: Yeah. Whatever. We carry through their destiny. Catchy title.

Loda: How do you think you came up with that title, Ronnie?

Me: Yes, Loda, I know it was you. Back to Gemini. Please.

Max: Hey! You got no control over what comes outta my mouth, or hers.

Loda: Ronnie, he’s right there. Just give message Like it or not.

Me: Tell me about confirmations.

Max: Just like you and Doc. Shot of energy through your right side, from head down.

Loda: When correct with decision or thought.

Me: So you communicate with your person by giving them a signal, which is a jolt of energy through their right brain, which is the intuitive side, when they’ve made a correct assumption, or are on track. But they need to be open to receiving that signal, correct?

Max: Yup.

Me: How do they become open?

Max: Cleanse. Eat healthy. No like sugar. Balance chakras.

Me: I think my readers need a little more explanation.  The body needs to be prepared for contact. Diaphramic breathing, meditation, energy work such as Reiki or crystal healing balance the chakra’s in the body. Chakra’s are the energy centers in the body which hold in stresses and tighten. Need to loosen them up. Yoga too as well as exercise. Relaxation is key. There are many books, which explain these in detail.  Okay. How does someone call on his or her guide for help?

Max: Gotta relax.  Empty their brain. Breathe. From the diaphragm. Visualize. Ask.

Me: So if someone is in deep relaxation, breathing correctly, and their body is a cleansed vessel, if they ask to see their guide, the guide will come?

Max: Yup. Gotta split. See ya.

Loda: Me too, bye.

Me: Hey guys wait! Nope. They’re gone. Stayed a lot longer than I expected. Well there ya have it. Maybe there will be a romance between them. If they’ve taken over Frank and Sarah there definitely will be.

Thank you so much for reading the blog and hope you had fun. Please feel free to leave comments and questions re contacting your spirit guide and I’ll be happy to answer them.

If you’d like, feel free to scroll down to read the interview with Dr. John Trenton, psychic and clairvoyant forensic psychiatrist in GEMINI. 12/11/13.

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    • Thanks Dani, I also did one with Dr. John Trenton, the hero. You can read that one too if you’d like. Dated 12/11/13 Best, Ronnie

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