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Hi everyone, today I have the pleasure of hosting Black Opal Books sister author, Kathleen Kaska and her new non-fiction release. I’m sure you’ll find this book helpful.

Do You Have a Catharsis Handy? Five-Minute Writing Tips had their origins as Cave Art Press blog posts. The tips include writing styles, grammar and punctuation rules, and tips on the down and dirty of publishing and marketing. To keep these tips short and humorous, references and stories about egg-laying chickens and how dogs think, The Three Bears and The Seven Dwarfs, Contrary Mary and Goldilocks, my high-school English teachers and the United States Post Office, 77 Sunset Strip and Breaking Bad, Pope Francis and Michelle Obama, and a prairie dog who walked into a bar were used.
A Fifteen-Minute Gift: Give Yourself Permission, Not a Task
You want to write, but how do you find time? It’s easy. Anyone can find an extra fifteen minutes in his or her day to write something—just don’t view it as a task. A task implies work and you’re already doing enough of that. Instead, give (as in gift) yourself permission to write fifteen minutes a day. Permission means approval, consent, or blessing. I find even with my busy schedule, the fifteen-minute gift keeps me on target and all my other projects still end up completed.
Here are a few suggestions on how to spend your fifteen minutes:
• Spew out your ideas and thoughts. You can edit them later.
• If you’ve already written something, find a sentence that needs work and polish it. You’ll find your best writing is something that’s rewritten.
• Find a cliché and turn it into something original.
• Look for unnecessary adverbs. They usually precede weak verbs. Replace two weak words with a single strong verb.
• Check dialogue. Make sure it moves the story forward rather than simply informing the reader of useless facts.
• Change passive voice to active voice—it’s bolder.
• Find a passage that’s repetitive. A good example is telling the reader something you’ve just shown them. The reader usually gets it the first time.
The best thing about this writing gift is that you might find yourself writing for longer than fifteen minutes!
Cover Blub:
Kathleen Kaska’s collection of handy and humorous advice for writers is taken from her monthly blog posts and shared in our Cave Art Press newsletters. Her sweet-and-sassy Texan wit shines throughout the book, making it as much fun to read as it is useful. You’ll find helpful tips and insights on everything from grammar questions to actually getting published. The title is taken from what we in the office call a “Don-ism.” The co-owner of Cave Art Press, Don Douglass, is known around here for his own vernacular (he freely substitutes words at will). When he asked if we had a catharsis handy, he was actually asking for a thesaurus. Fortunately for her readers, Kathleen is more scrupulous than Don about adhering to the regulations and rules of proper grammar and word use.
Author Bio:

Kathleen is a Texas gal who now lives in Washington. Except for an eighteen-month hiatus when she moved to New York City after college, she lived in Texas continuously for fifty years. Since then Texas has been hit and miss—a little hit, but a heck of a lot of miss, having grown up in a hidden burg where the mayor was believed to be a dog. Who wouldn’t miss that?
Kathleen is the author two awarding-winning mystery series: the Sydney Lockhart Mystery Series set in the 1950s and the Classic Triviography Mystery Series, which includes The Sherlock Holmes Triviography and Quiz Book. Run Dog Run, the first mystery in her new animal-rights series, was released in March 2017. It was her passion for birds that led to the publication The Man Who Saved the Whooping Crane: The Robert Porter Allen Story (University Press of Florida). She has been the marketing director for Cave Art Press since 2015.
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