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NYPostcrimesceneI am so excited that today I have with me Detective Samantha Wright who took time out of her day at Manhattan Mid-town South to chat about the Aries case. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get her to talk about her new romance with Forensic Psychiatrist, Dr. Frank Khaos. I must tell you, I’m one of the few people who have already read the novel and there’s a lot of heat between the two of them. Oh, I better be quiet before she comes in and hears me airing her laundry. Ooh, here she is.

R: Hello Detective Wright. So nice to meet you! Wow, is she stunning in that three piece pants suit. Forest green.

S: Nice to meet you, too, Ronnie. And it’s Sam, please.

R: Thank you, Sam. You’ve been in your position just a couple of weeks. How are you adjusting?

S: I had no choice but to adjust, fast. I literally fell over the victim in my first case, on my first day, even before my shift began. Then it was a whirlwind as we realized it was a serial murder case. Can’t say anything about it because we’re in the investigation stage.

R: I totally understand. How are you getting along with the detectives and police officers at the precinct?

S: The first day, I was hazed, as Dr. Khaos put it. They’re lucky I’m a good sport. But after we got down to the case and they saw my seriousness, all that stopped.

R: You’ve had a rough couple of weeks, though. There was even a hit on you.

S: Yes. I sure did. And I had my first trigger pull, too. For my first weeks in the rank, it doesn’t get any rougher than that. My house was a crime scene.  The crime scene tape. Ugh.

R: Oh No! What can you tell me about the cases?

S: In all honesty, legally, I can’t tell you much. The first case was supposed to be five kills orchestrated by one woman. We averted the fifth kill. The perp is now a forensic patient in a hospital for the criminally insane. She’ll remain there until Dr. Khaos deems her fit for trial. The second was a cold case. The murder of Dr. Khaos’ wife.

R: Oh my God! When did that happen?

S: Over two years ago. A case is considered cold after a year.

R: How is he doing now?

S: He’s a little calmer. Relief hasn’t set in yet.

R: Who killed her?

S: Can’t tell you that, either. Violation of the perps’ rights. And don’t ask why. The group is in custody. And I’m sure more people will be revealed.

R: Understood. So how do you like your new position?

S: I love it. I’ve wanted to become a detective since I entered the NYPD. I started in juvie crimes. That’s where they placed me because I was a teacher for ten years before I joined the force. I had  couple of major cases under my belt, so when a position opened up, I qualified.

R: What part of the job do you like best?

S: The excitement. The forensics. Love love love forensics. Had to do a lot for the Aries case. The interviews. I love interviewing people. When you ask the right questions, you definitely get leads. I also like the travel. As a detective I can go within the five boroughs of new York City and for Aries, we did. It was a wild ride through the five boroughs, literally.

R: What is one interesting place you went?

S: (giggles) Frank, uh, Dr. Khaos and I followed a lead into a BDSM club. And I’ll give you a tease. We were both dressed for the occasion.

R: That was a hint. (laughs) Speaking of Dr. Khaos, how was it working with him?

S: Well, it was a rough start. We didn’t like each other. I didn’t think I’d ever would like him. But I do. I respect him.

R: That’s it? can’t you give me a little sizzle?

S: I could, but I won’t. Let’s just say we thoroughly enjoyed each other. In one very unique place. He calls it his ‘special place.’ I’m sure you’ll be interviewing him, so I’ll let him tell you about it.

R: Fair enough. But I am intrigued. “Special place?’ I wonder what that could be. So what is the status of your relationship?

S: Um, we’re happy for now.

R: Okay. I could understand that in your whirlwind of two weeks. What is your partner like?

S: Nick Valattuti. He’s a great guy. Mostly all business. Not really warm and fuzzy. He knows the right questions to ask. I learned a lot from him. He was great about letting me lead the interviews, probably as tests, but he let me make three arrests.

R: That’s great. You must have impressed him. What did you learn about yourself, um, anything change about your self-perceptions?

S: Funny you should ask. There was a lot in that area. Self-perception. As anyone in a new position, you doubt your competence. And I did. I kept doubting myself if I was good enough to be a detective. After solving two cases, I assured myself that I was. I also learned to trust my intuition. After my first trigger pull, I had to debrief with Dr. Trenton. I had been denying my intuitive abilities, not listening to my guide, Dara. After speaking with Dr. Trenton, I began to trust my abilities and when I opened myself up I was able to solve the case of Dr. Khaos’ wife’s murder. (checks watch.) Oh, Ronnie, I have to get back. We’re beginning the Scorpio case.

R: Sam, thank you so much! My readers will definitely love learning about the Aries case before the book releases.

S: You’re very welcome. And be sure to post all of the links, so you readers can meet Dr. Trenton in the Gemini case. He’s an awesome man.

R: I certainly will! So there ya have it, folks, a first meet and greet with Set. Samantha Wright of Aries. I will try to grab Dr. Frank Khaos in for an interview, if I can lasso him away from his MMA training gym in Harlem. Since the Aries case concluded, he’s back at his gym rehabbing New York City gang members he persuaded to leave the hood.

In the meantime, you can meet Dr. John Trenton and the characters in Gemini.







Oh, and before you leave, please look at my author central page where you can view my book trailer and see my upcoming appearances.

I hope you liked this character interview. Sam is a pip. Please feel free to leave her questions and comments.

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