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Hi, Everyone! Today I’m so excited to be able to drag Detective Samantha Wright away from her latest case and speak with her for awhile. I know she must be having some delayed stress from her encounter with Henry Slater in Scorpio. Whew! I’m so glad she survived. I hope she’ll want to talk about it. Here she comes now. Hello, Detective Wright. How are you?

S: Hi, Ronnie! It’s Sam, please. I’m thrilled you wanted to write an interview with me.

R: I’m glad you can make it.

S: Are you kidding me? This is my down time. Away from the…uh…I don’t want to give away anything from Libra yet, but you know what I mean.

R: Yes! I certainly do. So tell me, how are you feeling after Frank, the FBI, and ESU rescued you? I know you didn’t have much downtime afterward.

S: You’re right. Actually, it was just forty-eight hours. I’m doing okay. It’s very comforting to know your team has your back. It was a lesson in trust and patience for me.

R: Tell me about that.

S: Well, in the beginning of the Scorpio case, you know my friend Carrie was murdered. On top of that we were working with detectives from another precinct, one of whom was the brother of the detective who murdered Frank’s wife. Frank was so devastated that I wanted to work with this case and he felt my priority wasn’t with him, but rather with Carrie. We had a heated argument and broke up. I’m blessed Frank realized he was being a jerk about it, because in all honesty he’s the only man for me. It took a lot of faith in the universe for me to go with it, and pray it would work out. And then when the forensic connection was made between Frank and Henry Slater, things got worse again.

R: I’m sorry, but that had to happen.

S: I get it. You need it for the plot. But I’m glad you got us back together again.

R: What was one of the most emotionally draining scenes for you?

S: There were so many. But one was during a blizzard. Frankie found out his dad and I broke up. You know what? Rather than me rehash it here, why don’t you put that excerpt into this blog?

R: Great idea, Sam. I will.

S: Perfect. The most stressful scene was after I met Henry Slater and he took me hostage. I’m claustrophobic, so being tied up, really got to me. I’m the one usually in control, not the one controlled. I couldn’t wait for it to be over. And I’m the curious type. Knowing Frank was out there with his brother Carl, and Slater while I couldn’t hear the conversation, drove me nuts. I did feel better when Slater revealed to me that it wasn’t me he wanted. So I felt a little safer. But it was up to the teams to carry through on his wishes.

R: I bet. At least you got a proposal.

S: (laughter) Yes. I did. I think Slater actually taught Frank a lesson, so did Frankie. That eight-year old certainly stood up for me and Frank. And Frankie was bugging his dad the entire time to propose. Too bad, Frank waited until he rescued me at a crime scene to do it. And he had a hard time untying me.

R: Speaking of that, would you mind me posting the picture of you when you were bound?

S: No, not all. I’m shocked you found that pic with my likeness on PhotFox to begin with.

R: Me too! Wonderful. Thank you. So what’s happening now?

S: Well, the Libra case is solved but won’t be disclosed until next December. Right now, I’m on hiatus until another plot forms. Frank and I are living in his house, and I’ll be trying to sell mine.

R: Sam, thank you so much for visiting with me today. It was a great idea to put in that excerpt which will follow, right below.

S: Thank you so much for having me. I hope your readers in Central Florida go to meet you at the author fair in The Villages next Saturday, Jan. 27th at the Eisenhower Recreation Center, 3560 Bueno Vista Blvd. The Villages, Florida 32163. And that’s from 10-3!

R: Thanks so much for the plug, Sam. And people should know I have gifts for them with purchase, and I take credit cards for their convenience. Now to the excerpt!


Before he could respond, Frankie ran into the kitchen with tears flowing down his cheeks. Frank and Sam looked at him, worried.

“What happened, Frankie?” Frank asked.

“Dad! What did you do?” He sniffled. “What did you two, do?”

“What are you talking about?” Frank demanded. He let go of Sam and knelt down in front of his son.

Frankie whispered. “Dad, Mom’s picture is up on the wall opposite your bed.” He wailed. “Did you and Sam break up?”

Frank was speechless. He glanced at Sam who stood mouth agape with her hands on her hips.

“You did, didn’t you?” Frankie bellowed.

Frank lowered his eyes. “But we’re going to talk about it.”

“Talk about it? Talk about it. If it was up to you, I’ll probably never get another mom! I’m never talking to you, again!”

He stormed out of the kitchen and Frank heard him stomping up the stairs.

Frank’s mind was blown. He’d put Jen and his wedding picture back up on the wall and had forgotten to take it off before Sam came over. Crap. He was dead meat now. Some way to make up.

“So you really do love me? Uh? And you show that how? By putting back your wedding picture?” Sam let out a deep sigh. “Look, Frank, I know you loved Jen, more than life itself. But you told me you were ready to move on. Jen gave you messages that you should move on. You didn’t even listen to her!” She turned her back. “I’m leaving.” She stormed off into the den and pulled her coat off the couch.

Frank traipsed after her and pulled her arm. “Oh, no, you’re not.” He yanked open the front door. The blizzard raged, blowing snow at them, covering the ten steps down to the street, forming a slide. Snow covered both their cars—in entirety—in the driveway. Icicles had formed and were hanging from the side view mirrors. Snow mounded up about two feet from snow blowers, blocking the driveway entrance. “Plan on leaving? How, princess?”

“Crap!” Sam stomped her foot, looking out the door. “This won’t stop till tomorrow.”

Frank shot her a wickedly sexy grin. “Yeah. I know.” The smell of the heated leftovers Vicki had sent home with him permeated the space. Hunger pangs hit him. “Come on. Let’s eat.” He walked to the stair landing and yelled up. “Come on, Frankie. Dinner’s ready.”

Frankie trod down the stairs into the nook as his dad was placing all of the trays on the table. “So?”

“So what?” Frank asked him.

Frankie pulled out a chair and plopped into it. “So what are you two going to do? You’re not kids.”

Frank served him turkey, stuffing, broccoli, and sweet potato pie. “Exactly, we’re not kids. So I’m not having adult conversation with an eight year old. End it.”

“But, Dad—”

Frank frowned and shot him a stern look. “This is a situation that Sam and I have to discuss and work out ourselves. Okay?”

Frankie frowned. “Is Sam going home tonight?”

“I won’t let her drive in the blizzard.”

“Is she sleeping in the guest room?”

Frank’s and Sam’s voices trampled each other’s. “No.”

Frank and Frankie smiled. Frank dug ravenously into his plate. He swooned. “Oh, man, would I love a woman who could cook like this.”

“Maybe I can, maybe I can’t. I bet Vicki will be happy to give me lessons. She is incredible, isn’t she?” A forkful of the sweet potato pie melted in her mouth.

“Yeah, John mentioned to me she’s thinking of opening a catering business, but she’s not formally trained. I’m not sure how that would work with state licensing laws. But you know? You have a great sense of smell. You probably could learn if you put your mind to it. I’ll give you some of Jen’s cookbooks and you could practice on us.”

“Uh, Dad. Mom used those cookbooks and she still burned everything, and we ended up ordering out. Maybe you should get Sam different ones?”

“I have my own cookbooks, thank you. Haven’t used them much—”

Frank grinned. “Start.”

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