Meet Dr. Frank Khaos, Forensic Psychiatrist In Aries #RomanticThriller 1/23/16

ariescoverIMG_2054Today I have the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Frank Khaos, the forensic psychiatrist called in to work with Detective Samantha Wright, whose interview you read a couple of weeks ago. Sam wouldn’t tell me much about their relationship, maybe I can get him to tell some sizzle. Oops, here he is.

R: Hello, Dr. Khaos, thank you for meeting with me. I know how exhausted you must be after solving the Aries case.

F: Me? Nah, just had a couple of days off. You caught me at a good time. And it’s Frank. I’m an informal guy, if you hadn’t noticed. (He pointed to his Khaos Rules T-shirt.)

R: Thank you. I’m so happy you finally have closure on the murder of your wife. Two years is a long time to wait.

F: Yeah. Thanks. Actually, I’m quite fortunate. Some murders are never solved. I love Sam for pushing for me. She dug deep into areas the previous investigators hadn’t. I think because we both wanted a relationship, and I wouldn’t until Jen’s murder was solved.

R: What can you tell me about that case?

F: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. The perp’s rights thing.

R: I understand. Detective Wright told me the same thing. You were brought in to profile a case that’s out of your specialty area. How did that come about? And can you please tell my readers what your specialty area is?

F: Yeah, sure. I’m called in for gang related cases, and there’s over three hundred gangs in New York City. I’ll work with the gang intelligence unit. We call it the GIU. It keeps me busy, especially when the violence flows over to innocents, not gang related. I’m also called in for youth offenses, across all socioeconomic groups. So I need to uphold my tough image. The intimidation, thing. So you can say I was definitely the mis match for this case. When I’m not profiling, I’m in my MMA training gym in Harlem where I rehab gangbangers we recruit to leave the hood. By we, the guys are referred by their parole officers, social services, or me, and the like. Uh, I see your hiked brows. Need an explanation of MMA? Yeah, sure you do. Mixed Martial Arts. I hold a third degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, submission ground fighting. But at my gym we train in Muay Thai, too. Another hiked brow? Okay, I know your tell. (laughs) That’s stand up fighting. Out of my specialty area? You’re telling me. It certainly was. And out of my comfort zone. But that’s no excuse. NYPD requests, I have to comply. I was the only New City profiler available at the time. Dr. Trenton, you’ll remember him from the Gemini case, was in Florida recouping from a bullet he took. Out on sabbatical. Now, he was the fit for the high fashion industry.

R: That certainly is a far cry from your usual, that’s for sure. How did you cope?

F: For that, your readers will have to read the novel. But I definitely believe in fate. If I wasn’t called in, I wouldn’t have met Sam.

R: You’ve mentioned Sam twice, so what can you tell me about your relationship?

F: We’re solid. (Sits back in his chair with his hands clasped in his lap and grins.)

R: (I react with mouth agape.) Come on, Frank. Can’t you give me some sizzle?

F: A man doesn’t talk. You should know that.

R: I do know that. I created you, remember? Come, on. My readers want to hear something.

F: (A boisterous belly laugh.) Yeah, I do know that. Okay, okay. All right. Look at the cover of the book at the beginning of the blog. Our relationship, is hot, red hot. Didn’t start out that way, though. Took us a while to grow on each other. Actually everything about the book is red. Sam’s driven with unstoppable energy. That’s symbolic with red. The killer in the serial case, an Arian, has a passion for knives as her weapon of choice. We saw blood everywhere. And red is the color of the sign, by the way.

R: You have a talent for maneuvering away from the topic.

F: Yeah. I do. Next?

R: Um, okay, Sam told me you followed a lead to a BDSM club. Can you tell me about that? Oh, and she said you were both dressed for the occasion.

F: Whoa! She told you about that? Oh, man. My princess is a little big-mouth. What else did she say?

R: I was trying to push her to tell me about your relationship, but no go. What can you tell me?

F: Okay. Okay, I’ll give you a tease. I’m a man with a very strong libido. How do you think I’m gonna feel after going to that club? Yeah, it sorta pushed our relationship to the next level. That’s all you’re getting. Next?

R: Okay, fair enough. (Gyrating in the seat.) How did you get into BJJ? This isn’t in the book but perhaps you can give us some backstory.

F: That, I will do. After I got out of the military, I had already had a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do when I went in, I went to a training gym. Worked there in college, that’s why it took me longer. Trained my ass off. Did some UFC, uh, United Fighting Championship, fights in Vegas. Still trained like crazy. I have my gym five years, but got my third Black Belt six months ago.

R: Still compete?

F: Nope. Getting too old. I’m going on forty-five this year. I like my body parts intact. (checks watch.) Listen, kiddo, gotta run. My son’s getting out of school, soon.

R: No problem, Frank. Thank you so much. (pout) Even though I have more questions for you.

F: Deal with it. (laughs) I’ll tell ya what. Have your readers asks me questions, in the comments, and I’ll come onto the blog to answer them. And tell your readers the links for Gemini, so they can catch up, so when they meet Trenton in Aries, they’ll have the back ground. One more thing. Wait until the galleys are done, until you leave excerpts.

R: That will be so appreciated. And will do on the excerpts. Thanks! There ya have it, folks. An intro to Dr. Khaos. I hope you enjoyed the blog. Please feel free to leave him comments and questions.



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