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Today, I have the pleasure of hosting, author Kari Holloway with her non-fiction book, A New Writer’s Guide to Microsoft Word. I met Kari in a Facebook group, and I saw through her interactions that she’s dedicated to helping writers. I wanted to support that.

Welcome, Kari and tell us about your new book.

“A New Writer’s Guide to Microsoft Word” is a book that has been two years in the making. As an indie author, I spent many months learning the “how to” part. When I couldn’t find an answer in countless searches on Google, I asked more than my fair share of “that should be obvious” questions in groups such as 20booksto50k on Facebook. Along the way I met many formatters who have been doing these things since the start of Amazon’s KDP and they weren’t afraid of sharing knowledge.

A year and a half ago, I started Writing Without Drama, a small writing group on Facebook. We started a Flash Fiction Friday where members could submit a themed short story for critiques by the admins—three of the five admins are editors (Jeremy Menefee, Dennis Doty, Nathan Bustillos). We have entries submitted in Shunn Format which is considered the standard for submissions, and it became obvious that not only was understanding formatting a consistent problem, they had issues with understanding how to use Microsoft Word effectively to achieve what they were wanting to.

In the same year, I had been formatting stories for friends, and at their encouragement, I started KH Formatting ( I found myself spending more time teaching clients how to modify things and do the formatting than it took to format the things they requested.

I wanted to give them resources to refer to, a guide that could sit on their shelf or a website that walked it from start to finish, but the only books were e-book oriented, and with places like Draft2Digital, those weren’t a great reference manual in teaching the “how to” part along with the why. I could have sent them to K-Boards or Createspace Forms, but while those covered things like margins and the secrets to writing good queries, it didn’t teach them how to do it. There had to be a better way than sending them massive lists of websites with a sentence here and a graph there.

Writers just starting out don’t have the money or the access to things like Scrivener or Vellum or pay someone hundreds of dollars and that’s not including minor changes such as updating front and back matter. Between libraries and standard software on computers, Microsoft Word is one of the most available. I sat down and wrote a book that starts with how to use Microsoft Word and continues into formatting for short stories, novels, cover letters and more before ending in a reference area of useful groups on Facebook and websites such as steps to take care of plagiarism. It is a well-rounded guide to writers coming to the field and ready to learn more than just the writing of the story.


A new, authoritative guide to formatting and submission documents for all authors, A New Writer’s Guide to Microsoft Word, will bring your writing out of the realm of the amateur.

Microsoft Word is a powerful writing tool, but it can do so much more. In A New Writer’s Guide to Microsoft Word, author Kari Holloway will show you how to use Word to turn your finished work into a properly formatted and publishable gem.

From cover letters, query letters, and synopses, to setting up margins and correct publishing formatting, this book will guide you through the perils and pitfalls to your final goal of a professionally finished product.

Foreward written by C.L. Cannon

Available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.


Testimonial from D.W. Vogel—Bestselling author of the Horizon Alpha series and Flamewalker, co-author of Five Minutes to Success: Mastering the Craft of Writing

If you plan to self-publish, you need this book. Kari Holloway has broken down every step you need to know into logical sections that will lead you through every step of formatting your work for publication. Full of helpful screenshots, this book will ensure that you’re producing a book you’ll be proud of. And even if you’re not planning to self-publish, this book will help ensure that your submissions to publishers and agents aren’t rejected due to formatting errors. Don’t ruin your chances with readers or publishing professionals. Read, practice, and learn from this excellent resource.



Author Kari Holloway is a Georgia Southwestern State University Graduate and Leesburg, Georgia native. A fourth-generation farmer, she used her experiences to craft a modern-day romance trilogy with cowboys and strong-willed women. When she isn’t writing, she’s eating vanilla ice cream and playing games like Hearthstone or Fluxx.

To learn more about her, check out her website: 

and Facebook.

Please feel free to leave Kari comments and questions.

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    • Thanks. Sorry for the delay, the holidays have been in full force filled with cornbread, black-eyed peas, and family. I hope you do add it to your reading library. It’s available on Amazon. in both paperback and e-book.

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