Meet the Authors in SSRA Part 2!

For some reason, I’m not techie enough to write a blog under pics! So please just scroll down to see our authors in action, at a book signing after a great conference, entitled, “Sunshine State Romance Authors Presents: Book Video Trailers, Branding, Blogging and Book Marketing Seminar.”

This was an action packed day, starting with our President, Dylan Newton, giving all the proper intros. Author Jessica Nelson spoke about branding yourself and your writing. Just to give a snippet, a good portion of her discussion was on the use of ‘tag lines’ and how to create them. If a participant didn’t have one before this discussion, they certainly did, after.

Next, Cheryl Charles, our web mistress, talked about how to start your writer’s platform. The goal being to attract readers and publishers. So we discussed, blogging, the importance of social media and other venues to get the word about us out there!

Rhonda Kaufman spoke about book video trailers and we viewed many, assessing what works for us and doesn’t. Each one of us writes in different genres, so we all had strong opinions as to what we’d like the flavor of our trailer to be and what message we’d like to send. It got me thinking of what I’d like for Gemini, as soon as I sign that contract!

Flossie Benton Rogers spoke about leveraging your writing network through Twitter, Facebook and the other social media venues. One thing she stressed, is helping to promote each other by retweeting, commenting and sharing posts on Facebook, commenting on each other’s blogs and liking the Amazon and Good Reads author pages.

Lastly, Dylan Newton spoke about book promotions and marketing, how to put your marketing dollars to best use for your genre to increase exposure. For the last several months Dylan had been diligently at work collecting swag from authors around the country to teach us about all of the valuable tools that are out there for us. Authors donated book marks, recipe cards, hot cup holders, booklets, pens, a mix for hot chocolate croissant and dark chocolate bread pudding (YUM!), and a huge packet from a company that will be giving a discount to the seminar participants, when they order.

Please visit the web sites of SSRA’s published authors. In addition to sharing what they know to us pre-pubbed writers, selflessly, I have to add, they are awesome writers, and more importantly, awesome people. I am so blessed to be a part of this chapter.

Dylan Newton:

Loretta Rogers

Anna Small

Joyce Cares

Flossie Benton Rogers

Barry Denham

Jessica Nelson

Also, please visit to learn more about our successful chapter.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you’re in the Central Florida area and are writing a novel, or even thinking about writing one, it will be worth your while to check out our chapter. Either respond with your interest in a comment on this blog, or on my contact page. I’ll reply to your message and provide more details.

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  1. Great summary, Ronnie! I’m so impressed!! Glad you got a lot out of the seminar. It won’t be long and YOU will be up there signing books at the end of SSRA workshops, as well!! Great job, my friend!

    • Thank you so much for all of your support, Dylan. It means so much to me, and the support from our chapter is priceless.

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