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Hi Everyone,

Last week I wrote an introduction to what this blog hop will be about, so I won’t repeat here. However, I do want to thank Candy Burke again for her warm invitation..

1. What I’m I working on now.

My current WIP (Work In Progress) is a Romantic Suspense that takes place in rural central Florida though the hero and heroine are from NYC. A DEA agent tails a woman suspected of prescription drug trafficking from NYC to Florida. Her ex frames her, but little does he realize she’ll turn the tables on him and fall in love with the DEA agent who arrested him. After she’s cleared she becomes the woman in jeopardy in two kidnapping scenarios. She’ll stop at nothing to save herself and her four year old daughter. The sparks fly and there will be a HEA (Happily ever after) ending.

I’m also plotting a paranormal suspense with romantic elements. It’s comedic and I need that tension release from the darker toned WIP and my first novel Gemini. This one takes place in NYC with the main character a witch, a good one but a deadly one. I’ll let your minds ruminate on that one.

2. How is my current WIP different from others in the genre?

The agency that’s leading the plot and investigation is the DEA. In many novels in this genre, it’s the FBI and CIA or a fictional agency. The crime genre is my favorite to read and write. I prefer credible plots and real situations. Research is one of my fortes and I believe I’m on target in this one.

The paranormal WIP will have real insights, as the paranormal and metaphysical practices are my background so I can give it credibility. But it’s going to be a fantasy ride that will give the readers a lot of laughs as the heroine kills off the bad guys by their own games. She knocks off twelve men but only uses a weapon once.

3. Why do I write?

I think my brain would burst if I didn’t write. There are so many fantasies rummaging around inside that I need to get them out on paper. Writing is a great catharsis. If a person, group or organization annoys me and I know I wouldn’t stand a chance in the mundane world, I knock them off and get revenge in a novel. Um, you’ll have to wait and see whom I’m targeting when my WIPS get published. Not telling before then. Of course they are fictionalized, but I know who they are!

4. How does my process work?

I’m a planner. Everything I do I think about before I dive in. For Gemini I had it planned out from start to finish in my head before I wrote anything on paper. However as I was typing my characters, who are usually stronger than me, took over. They added chapters and took me in directions I didn’t plan to go but going there was better than my original outline.

For the current WIP the Romantic Suspense I decided I wanted to write as a panster. That is someone who sits down without an outline and just lets the words flow. Well it worked for four chapters and then I realized I had the romance sequence in my head but I needed the suspense plot more defined. In most Romantic Suspense the ratio is 70%:30% suspense to romance. In very spicy romances, the ratio may be 50:50. I plan this novel to be the latter. It’s going to be HOT!

So right now I’m planning, outlining and calculating before I type more chapters. Yesterday I asked myself a question that blew a hole in my plot. If I didn’t backtrack and look at the story development I wouldn’t have been able to fill that hole which I did. So my advice to you is to ask yourself the hard questions because if you don’t your readers will. So I know my best writing style is that of a planner.

I hope you got some insight on the writing process from my blog and now the following writers will be taking over to follow the frog.

All are awesome people from my chapter of RWA, Sunshine State Romance Authors.

Flossie Benton Rogers Paranormal Fantasy

Anna Small Historical Romance

Barry Denham Contemporary Inspirational

Please come back and visit often, and follow the path of the frog! You might just find authors you fall in love with!



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  2. Excellent interview! Good points about writing. Recently I read a piece of advice that said to plot BACKWARDS to avoid plot holes or at least to see them. I haven’t tried it yet but thought it sounded promising. Not sure, but it may have been insight from K.M. Weiland. Both of your books sound good. I especially can’t wait to see all the innovative murder techniques in the comedic one. Congratulations on such fab progress.

    • Hi Flossie,
      Thank You and so happy you’ll be participating in the blog hop. Nice to hear you like my responses and found them helpful. Re going backwards, I had to do that. How could my heroine have gotten what she got (not telling), if there was no contact with her ex? So I developed a situation, and actually had to change a setting in the back story to make it work. And it had to be somewhere the DEA hadn’t placed surveillance in yet. It was a challenge. Then I had to make sure there wasn’t the exact setting in the local (An area in Staten Island, NY) with the same name. The last thing I’d want is someone complaining about me putting them into a novel when I fictionalized them. There’s enough reality in this novel already! Best, Ronnie

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