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Gemini, left, Aries, right. Beautiful black spinel and white zircon pendants from Chuck Clemmancy, one of my favorite gemstone jewelry designers on Evine network. These are my power amulets and I'll wear them everywhere to promote my books. I'll add the one for Scorpio when the manuscript is completed.

Gemini, left, Aries, right. Beautiful black spinel and white zircon pendants from Chuck Clemancy,  my favorite gemstone jewelry designers on Evine network. These are my power amulets and I’ll wear them everywhere to promote my books. I’ll add the one for Scorpio when the manuscript is completed.

This week, Romance Weekly discusses one question. What are you working on now? Hopefully, you’ve hoped over from Fiona Riplee. If not, give her a visit, too!

For me, I am creating the third novel in The Sign Behind The Crime Series. From the banner on this blog you could tell the title is Scorpio. Before  I give you a little tidbit about Scorpio, I’d like to give you an update on Gemini and Aries.

And even before that, I’d like to give you some education about the black spinel and white zircon in the pendants and why they were perfect for my energy, in addition to Gemini being my sign and title. Black spinel is grounding. It deflects negativity and helps you focus and follow through. Perfect for a writer, and where I’m at in my journey. I use the white in the zircon as universal cleansing, white light. The combination brings balance on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Now, on to Gemini. I’m looking forward to a release by Black Opal Books for Gemini sometime in May. I don’t have my cover yet, but when I will, I will feature Gemini in a separate blog. Dr. Trenton can’t wait to speak with you again. Aries will be released five or six months later.

This coming July, I will be featured as a Debut Author with Gemini at ThrillerFest  in Manhattan. International Thriller Writers is putting on a week long event featuring the top thriller writers in the world. For me, this will be a trip of a lifetime. A native New York City gal, I’ll feel like I’m going home. Since living in Florida seven years, I have not been in Manhattan.

Now, my WIP. Scorpio will be a very different kind of novel, though a psychological thriller with high heat and paranormal elements, because I will be incorporating the protagonists in Gemini and in Aries. So you can look forward to seeing more of forensic psychiatrist Dr. John Trenton, his wife Vicki and little Ricky. The focus of Scorpio, though, will be on the plots of detective Samantha Wright and forensic psychiatrist Dr. Frank Khaos of Aries. There will also be other recurring characters, however I will not tell who at this point, because I’m still writing the manuscript and at the beginning stages, at that.

Here’s what I would like to ask of you. I plan to play this game at events I attend with my writers chapter and after Gemini’s release.  Please answer the following question in your comments, and make sure I have your email so I can notify you of the results. You can follow me at the bottom of the blog, or subscribe to my newsletter, or both.

With astrological signs as titles, I have 12 to choose from. In your opinion what astrological sign should be the title of the fourth novel in the series? I will do a tally from all my events and the sign that has the most votes will win. That sign will be the fourth novel in The Sign Behind The Crime series.

For those of you local to Central Florida, I’ll be at the Homosassa Library with my SSRA chapter, on Thursday, August 16th. 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. Come over and chat!

BTW, many of you know this about me. I’m a certified crystal therapist, so if you have any questions about how to use crystals and healing stones in your daily lives, please ask in the comments, as well.

Please feel free to leave comments and questions and now onto another awesome writer who tells you about her WIP, work in progress, Caroline Spear.

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  1. I’ve dated all three Earth signs (married one of them for a short time) I’d say, go for the patient, immovable Capricorn. The kind of guy who gets under your skin and never leaves.

    • Interesting, Kim, thank you! I’ve known some Capricorns who, yes, do get under your skin, but do leave, not the settling down types. lol

    • lol Collette! You’re the one with three books coming out over the next few months! You’re the amazing one!

  2. I am a Scorpio so the next book in the series intrigues me! I vote for Leo for the next one. Those lions are fierce. ThrillerFest sounds like a great trip. Hope you have a great time and good luck on your promotions. I like to keep a hemitite bracelet near my writing area to help ground me. I also have a bornite stone that’s a beautiful purple and blue color which keeps the negativity away. I love your pendants.

    • Thanks Fiona! It’ll be interesting to see if you have the qualities of a Scorpio that I portray. I’ll be exploring both, negative and positive traits through two characters, the serial killer and one of the protagonists, detective Samantha Wright. Hematite is wonderful for grounding. I put tumbled stones in my pockets and socks when I was doing healings, to prevent me from absorbing negativity. What other stones do you use?

      • The hematite and peacock ore are the stones I have now. I do have some cat’s eyes that I found while on a trip out west. It’s funny how I found the stones I have. Both were on a trip although at different times and I was going through some difficulties in my career and personal life and then I just happened upon them. It’s weird but they called to me. When that happens I listen 🙂

        • Interesting you have peacock. I’m into animal tokens and the peacock is one of mine. The eyes in the feathers add spirituality and enable a person to see things as they spread their wings and expand in career and in difficult situations. So relevant to me in the past couple of years, too.

  3. My vote is Capricorn since it’s my sign. Thanks for sharing your WIP details, and it is good to know you’re keeping so busy. Inspirational to say the least 😀 It’ll be fun to read through all 12 signs from you, too.
    Good luck and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Raine! Dk about doing all twelve but I can see at least two more. With two sets of protagonists there’ll be at least that much to write about. I admire the authors than can write twenty books in a series.

  4. Hi Ronnie! The ThrillerFest sounds fantastic. I hope you have a great time and do lots of significant networking. As to your next sign—well, I’d like to say Libra, because that’s my sign. 🙂 BUT, you’ve already used an Air sign (Gemini) a Fire (Aries), and a Water (Scorpio). So I say go with the one that’s left, Earth—choose Virgo for your Earth sign, because the other Earth signs (Taurus & Capricorn) are four-legged beasties, just like Aries. My method isn’t very scientific, but there ya go. 🙂

    • Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for your explanation. When I chose the title for the first three, I wasn’t thinking of the elements. I chose Aries and Scorpio bc they were the signs most likely to be killers. Yes, you read correctly. I chose Gemini bc that was me. Actually hubby is a Scorpio, and son is an Aries, definitely not the killer type. So I had our family covered. Bob is so not a Scorpio in traits and I seriously think his parents got his birth month wrong!

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