My Writing Goals For 2013. What Are Yours?

Hi All,

I’m seeing it in every group on Linkedin, in my Yahoo Groups writer’s Loops and at my meetings. Everyone is asking, ‘What are your writing goals for 2013?’ So I decided to write a blog on mine and open it up to you, my readers, to add yours.

As of today, Jan. 27, 2013, I am eleven chapters shy of finishing my set of edits and revisions. By the end of Feb. I plan to be ready to hand my manuscript over to a published author in my RWA chapter who will be doing a full critique and beta read on my psychological thriller, Gemini. I actually won this wonderful gift at our Christmas party in Dec. How cool is that?

In Feb. I’ll be taking three online writing courses given by RWA.

In March and April, I will be taking workshops on query letters, agent and publisher submissions and soon after that researching to whom to send the manuscript. During this time I’ll also be polishing and incorporating edits and revisions that were recommended.

While my novel is being critiqued, I’ll be starting the Prod Your Muse Project sponsored by my writer’s group. It begins March 1, and ends Dec. 20 at which time, I will have completed a 65,000 word novel if not more.

By June, I want to have my novel either presented or ready to be presented to agents or publishers who are in position to say yes to a contract. I also want to have a backup list of agents and traditional publishers that are welcoming submissions. This will be a lengthy process. I’ll be doing my homework.

In mid July, I’m going to the RWA national convention in Atlanta and I plan to schedule a pitch session with an agent or publisher and as many as I can schedule.

In 2013, I plan to reach PRO status, which is having at least 45,000 words of your manuscript requested by an agent or publisher. I also plan to have a contract  for publication in 2013.

So there are my goals. What are yours?

Please respond in the comments, add your WRITER’S web site link and I’ll print your goals on the next blog.

To Courageous Writing,





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  1. Hi Ronnie ,Let me know when you publish I’m very interested in reading
    Gemini. I find you so inspirering and energetic,enthusiastic.It’s so refreshing
    and enlightening speaking with you. I’m so happy to have ran into you tonight.
    Hope to hear from you. Kimberly

    • Hi Kimberly! It was great seeing you too. I’d love to hear about your writing journeys as well! Best, Ronnie

  2. Hi Ronnie,
    My primary writing goals for 2013 are to write and submit three manuscripts and publish two books. Although these are output goals and not high level goals, focusing on them allows me to develop incremental objectives of how much writing to accomplish each day, week, and month. As I mentioned in our writing meeting, I use a kind of medicine wheel design to maintain goals in different areas of life- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I do this to seek balance. The balance exists; I just sometimes flit away from it;)

    You have A LOT going on in the goals arena this year, and I wish you all the best in reaching them. With your enthusiasm and determination, I know you will achieve them all.

    Cheers & happy writing!

  3. My single goal is to finish the WIP. That may not sound like much, since I’m about two-thirds through the first draft, but my first book, Damned If You Don’t, went through six or seven drafts and I anticipate the same this time around.

    Ronnie, best of luck meeting your goals. I’m in awe of how well-organized you are.

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