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desk3Wow! That’s my desk folks! All 606+ pages. 120,900 words of it. The WIP, of the Psychological Thriller, Gemini. As of today, I’ve done my edits and revisions on 22 chapters. 22 more to go. Over the last week, I cut an entire chapter, and deleted around 3000 words.

I work on hard copy. I like to write away, take notes, make inserts, deletions all on the ms. I’m a visual learner, always have been. I like paper. Can’t tell you how many reams I’ve already gone through, but its a lot. I take chapters with me wherever I go if I know its a place I’ll have to wait, like a doctor’s office. I’ll edit a few chapters in a row, and then get to the computer. That gives my senior neck and arms a rest too.

On the desk you’ll see a packge of photos. On our last trip to NYC, I took pics of all of the locations in the novel. Going through them, now in editing, has enabled me to enrich the settings. I’m sure glad I did that!

Since I began the edits, mid Nov. my day is primarily focused around writng. I communicate within Linkedin writing groups, becoming involved in as many conversations as I feel are relevant to me. I’m also corresponding on 2 group loops. One is for my writing chapter of RWA, SSRA and the other is a new loop I joined the other day, Sisters In Crime Guppies.  I’m also taking courses and workshops given by these organizations, online and in local groups.

I will be learning a lot from them. I’ll be learning a lot about their writing lives.  I’ll be learrning about querying agents, publishers, making the novel fit for submission, various aspects of the business of writing. Yes it is a business and I’m treating it as such. That’s why I set up this web site and blog so early in my process.

I’ve had to make some sacrifices though. I cut down on my socialization. I even cut out mahjong with my friends. My hubby is doing the cooking, vacuuming, and putting away the laundry.

So what about you? What is your writing life like? Please join the conversation by leaving a comment and add your web site  that’s writing related.







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