The June opportunity

Michael Hauge, world renowned writing consultant was offering a two day pitching workshop through RWA. He was looking for four volunteers. When I got the email, I immediately emailed the president of our chapter, Loretta Rogers, published military and western romance author and asked if I should volunteer. Of course I knew the answer. A resounding yes. I never like to live with woulda shoula coulda. Successful people know when an opportunity is right in front of them and when they should grab onto it.

I responded to the request email ASAP and waited. I have no idea how I was selected or what was the criteria. All I knew was that I was selected. I wrote and practiced a pitch. However that was not the one I gave.

On day one of the workshop Michael gave his directives and taught about pitching. I had the next day to create a pitch based on his lesson. I did it. I went on my first video conference and put myself out to the world. I pitched for two minutes and for the next thirty, Michael dissected it. We talked a lot about story and he suggested what I needed to do. That was to add an exciting over the top way for my protagonist, a psychic and clairvoyant forensic psychiatrist to use his abilities to track down the killer. I did. it was just the kind of element and twist Gemini needed. But I’m not saying what that was here. But I’ll tell you, the shrink stretched himself a long distance.

It was an amazing experience. If I could pitch in front of a huge video audience to Michael Hauge, I could do it one on one with a publisher or agent.

And I did.

Please visit Michael Hauge’s website for more info. www.StoryMastery.com

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