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memediaadsIMG_1287This blog is a new concept for me. I’m going to tell you about my first podcast with “Your Creative Push” creator, Mike Young, who I met through the Social Media Summit given by Tampabay Business Owners. I was both excited and I must admit, nervous, to put my voice out there and tell stories very few people knew. My goal was to inspire writers to complete their manuscript and get over the hurdles or obstacles they are facing. Mike does daily podcasts which inspire listeners to push themselves to further success. I suggest you SUBSCRIBE to his podcasts on ITunes.

You can listen to my podcast here.

Below is what we discussed. I don’t want to disrupt Mike’s formatting and link to where you can subscribe on ITunes, so I’ll write my closing here. I hope you enjoyed the podcast and I hope I inspired you to complete YOUR manuscript. If you have any questions re completing your manuscript and/or questions re publication, please feel free to leave them in the comments. Just be aware, your questions and my comments will be public.

The Sign behind The Crime,


In this episode, Ronnie discusses:

-How she got into Reiki and crystals and how they enter her writing.

-Her series of books, “The Sign Behind the Crime.”

-How she uses her readers to choose which book in the series that she writes next.

-There is so much more that a writer can do aside from simply writing.

-The importance of giving yourself deadlines.

-Her first creative moments, learning how to get her characters on paper.

-How readers and writers both want to go on a journey with the writing.

-How people need to get over their fear of writing their fantasies or extremes, because a reader won’t want to fly away with them if they are stuck in the mundane.

-How getting into “deep POV” can allow you to flow, and to allow your characters to really take over.

-Her worst creative moment when a teacher embarrassed her in front of her class, and how it inspired her to prove him wrong.

-The importance of paying attention to someone else’s suggestions on your work… to change it if it resonates with you, but to leave it alone if it doesn’t.

-If you are looking to publish, the importance of paying attention to what a publisher wants.

-Write out baby steps to get what you want.  If you can’t write a manuscript for a novel, write short stories.

-You have to make sacrifices for your passions.

Ronnie’s Final Push will inspire you to just get started in finding your passion and taking baby steps.


“I’m always pushing myself to be the best that I can be.”

“You can’t lay down and procrastinate and make excuses.”

“The longer you don’t write, there is more of a chance of getting writer’s block, and you want to avoid that at all costs.”

“You let your characters take you where you want to go.”

“It’s always that doubt of not good enough.  And it’s SO NOT TRUE.”

“A rejection means you are one step closer to getting a ‘yes.’”

“Get off your tush and do it.  Just do it!”

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