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Aries3dbookIMG_2119Writing for me is definitely a labor of love, so it is with great pleasure I present to you, Aries :The Sign Behind The Crime Book 2. Here are three excerpts for your reading pleasure.

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Lying. Deception. Cover-ups. Anger. Revenge. Death. That’s what happens when an Aries-obsessed killer combines black magick rituals, knives…and murder.

Samantha Wright, a rookie NYPD detective, gets her first case, a big one, by stumbling over the body while jogging in the park. Sam has a lot to prove, both to herself and to her new precinct, on this serial murder case involving fashion icons in New York City. Together with a rough around the edges BJJ fighter, forensic psychiatrist, Frank Khaos, Sam chases down leads through the five boroughs of NYC. As the bodies pile up, sparks fly and Sam and Frank, polar opposites, go from their dislike of each other to setting the sheets on fire. But their main suspect is hooked up to an IV in a hospital bed, so how has she pulled off five murders in seven days? And can Sam and Frank stop her before more innocent lives are lost?

They dragged the naked body, trudging backward into the dense foliage in the park on the outskirts of Chelsea, in the lower west side of Manhattan, with a flashlight app on their smartphones guiding the way. Two women with latex-gloved hands held him, while the third kept lookout, and lifted his feet to help, but she grimaced and had to let go. The two pulling him couldn’t ignore the foul odors of his discharge upon death, either. Most of it remained in his GT-R coupe and on his Armani suit, which he wouldn’t miss. With his butt scraping against the ground, more fecal matter would be removed from his body.
BlackFlower knew they’d have to cover those tracks. She wondered what it would take to clean that one-hundred-twenty-grand ride but, just for a moment, to re-think if they had left any evidence behind. She checked their left wrists. Good. The white band with the letters DSF in black, honoring their sisterhood, remained in place. On the three of them.
She had a job to do. It had to be done. Now. A few more weeks and the trees would be barren. The only ones that heard the rustling of bushes were the birds that were up at four-thirty in the morning. Not even joggers passed through this way at this hour. They’d made sure of that. Planning took months—the park, their prey, everything, down to the hour, the Mars hour. The kill took place at four a.m. She had only another half hour to execute the commands.


The lead detective said the case was cold, no new leads, but she didn’t buy it. This was one case she was determined to solve…

Sam scanned the office. Nothing great. A bland doctor’s office in a hospital. Sterile. White walls. His diplomas hung on a wall opposite his colonial, dark wood desk. No pictures on the wall. Either he wasn’t a showy kind of guy, or he didn’t feel that this place was his milieu.
She deduced that it was both. If she was going to help him find his wife’s killers, she’d have to know him and, so far, this hunk hadn’t let out a clue to his emotionality. Everything she needed to know about him was hidden behind his even temper and soothing, deep voice. She had to make a connection with him, even on a primal level.
“Is this your private office?”
“Yeah. I insisted they get me something where I could write out my reports in private. Hate doing them at the nurse’s station. Way too busy for me.”
She removed a huge file from her bag and put it on his desk, looking for the slightest reaction. Nothing.
Frank didn’t pay attention at first. He didn’t seem to be in a hurry. She couldn’t believe that it didn’t affect him anymore. That surprised her and worried her at the same time. He had probably been through Jen’s folders more than a million times and didn’t expect anything different from these new ones. Discouraged and pained would describe how he probably felt. It had been over two years. It was considered a cold case now. She agreed with the lieutenant on reopening it. Never give up on a colleague’s case, no matter how long. There’s no statute of limitations on a murder case, so she’d do what she had to, even wake up the dead.

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