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How do you go about choosing names for your characters?

I really don’t have a method per se. I don’t go to any websites for names and I try not to take names from other books that are used commonly. I really just meditate on my character and names seem to pop into my head. The ones I used thus far do work for me.

Where did the inspiration for your current WIP come from?

I was writing a romantic suspense and a little more passed midway, I realized that I just didn’t like writing this particular sub-genre in romance. It seemed to me too much heroine and hero and everything that happened had to revolve around them. I like weaving subplots between multiple characters. Then I sold in psychological thriller and decided to give the romantic suspense a nap because for branding, I wanted to stay with psych thrillers.

I loved my hero in the romantic suspense, a DEA agent, so I reinvented him to be another forensic psychiatrist in my new psychological thriller. I hadn’t discussed a sequel to Gemini yet with my publisher, so I decided to do a new character. I also plan to reinvent his partners and an undercover FBI agent who will now be a NYC detective and partner to the love interest for the forensic psychiatrist.

As far as the plot, both novels are completely different. In my new manuscript, there will be many subplots for different characters, and yes of course, they will all intertwine and be solved at the end.

I love physically fit men alpha males who are big and muscled. So obviously my hero or protagonist will definitely be that type. I recently got interested in WWE and I thought it would be great if my forensic psychiatrist was also an MMA fighter.

And of course he has to have his own gym in New York City. I’ve always worked with children in crisis throughout my 33 years teaching. I didn’t want to only have children in my novel so I raised their age to late teens and young adult. The most delinquent population in New York City are gang members. So that’s the demographic  I’m having as a subplot in my novel, Khaos Rules. So to combine the two, the forensic psychiatrist will rehab NYC gang members released from prison into his charge in his gym.

And then as a writer, we go through the question what if what if what if? The answers to that create the plot. That plot I’m not going to divulge here, as I never do until I have a completed first draft. So what you read in the above paragraph is just a tidbit.

What method do you use to make sure you have no plot holes?

I’m very big on set up and payoffs. That seem to have originated in my screenwriting days. I make a list of all of my subplots, then make a list of my resolutions to them, and also how they relate to each other. Then I go through beta reading forms and check off all the items from start to finish, and really look objectively to see if I touched on all the topics.

For Khaos Rules, my critique partners and beta readers will be of great help to me as well since I’ll specifically tell them the subplots and as they are going through my ms I’ll ask them to note if I resolved that plot point.

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  1. Psychological thrillers are amazing. The use of your background to bring about such deep characters is awesome. And congrats on selling them! Getting into people’s heads is the most difficult part of my plotting!

    • Hi Veronica! Thank you and congrats on your nomination for the Daphne! I really do like getting into my characters’ heads. I sort of allow my own irrationalities and otherwise dysfunctional thoughts come out through them, instead of my real life. Keeping me out of trouble, prison or death row!

    • Hi Dani, No, not Cena. Too clean cut. Think of the more edgy tattooed ones for Khaos Rules.. But not for Gemini. Wasn’t watching WWE then. Dr. Trenton is totally a figment of my imagination.

  2. Your current work in progress sounds awesome. I like how you listed your subplots out with the resolutions to make sure you get them all tied together. What a great way to keep the plot rock solid!

    • Thanks Fiona, I love this WIP, too. I’m at the beginning, just starting chapter five but I really like where my characters are taking me.

  3. Ronnie – your hero sounds perfect! I love the forensic psychiatrist/MMA fighter combination.
    I also watch WWE sometimes 🙂 The storylines are entertaining.

    • Hi Susan, Yes they’re entertaining, and not bad eye candy either. I thought my hero has an interesting mix. Thank you!

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