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When do you decide you’ve done enough editing and that change would now make it different not better so it’s the time to submit?

Wow! That is a tough one. I am of the firm belief that writing is rewriting and rewriting and rewriting. I was also told never to fall in love with your words. I review and change a lot hopefully with the goal of making my work stronger. There comes a time when I personally, really love what I have written. It may be a couple of weeks after I’ve written the past few chapters or the entire manuscript. I sit back and look at it objectively. Then all of a sudden I will find areas, grammatical and otherwise that I needed to correct. I’ll go through it again, thoroughly and when I don’t find areas or inconsistencies then I sitΒ  back, take a deep breath, and say enough.

When and how do you accept change advice from the rejection letters or critique partners?

I try to take comments and suggestions from everyone with an open mind. I’ve been fortunate enough that when I did get a rejection on Gemini, the agent and editor were gracious enough to give me some suggestions. In the beginning, I had POV issues. I really did not understand how to work with one POV at a time. When a couple of agents told me the same thing, I knew I had to take it seriously. I drove my critique partners from SSRA crazy trying to sit down with them and help me through this. I am now at the point, that I’ve mastered POV. I’ll also listen to critique partner suggestions, when they have experience with my genre, if their comments are related to structure, grammatical corrections. Plots of psychological thrillers may be structured differently then in other genres. So I believe, the critiquer needs to know about set ups and payoffs and that they don’t necessarily come one right after the other. I had one editor from a contest tell me I had plot holes after only reading three chapters. In the same contest another editor told me I did my set ups masterfully. There was obviously a difference in their genre preference.

When you are not writing how do you spend your day or do you create your day around your writing?

I do both. Usually I’m at the pool, where I can do my water aerobics, and accomplish a chapter. Usually I will come home with at least 1500 words written from a few hours at being at the pool. When my husband is driving in the car he likes to remain quiet, listen to the radio, and not talk. That is my time to create more scenes in my head, write them down on my notepad on my smart phone, and catch up on social media. I would say that writing has definitely overtaken my physical, emotional and spiritual being 24 seven.

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  1. I’m with you re: the water sources. My country house is on a lake, we have a backyard pond in my city house and I even find the sound of the aquarium in my living room, calming, soothing, inspirational.

  2. It’s so cool that you write at the pool! I’ve never thought of that as a place to write, but I suppose if you love swimming, it makes total sense. I also liked that you take time when you can, like in the car with your husband, to jot down story ideas. We make time to write and plot when we can! Thanks for sharing, Ronnie.

    • Thanks Christy! I write whenever I can and I can pretty much block out anyone talking around me too. So even if the pool is crowded, I can still accomplish. Actually, any place in nature with the sun shining is a great mental stimulator.

  3. I would love love love to write poolside πŸ™‚ One of these days this will happen πŸ™‚ I enjoyed your blog, Ronnie!!! And these questions were fantastic!!!

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