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Which type of character do you prefer writing, sexy, romantic, sweet, quirky, mean, old, young?

I love writing my antagonists, villains, in my case they are psychopathic female killers. In today’s blog, I will be talking about my newest novel, Aries. Within a month I would like to get it off to my publisher. Right now it’s with my critique partners.

In Aries I love my antagonists. This novel just flowed out of me. I was writing in exceptionally deep POV for the entire manuscript. My antagonists have major roles and you really get to know them. The main killer in Aries is a young woman named AriellaRose Larcon. She is such a pathetic soul that she is the type of killer the reader will beg me not to kill. And I don’t. In fact she probably will appear in the next novel in ‘the sign behind the crime series.’

There is another antagonist in Aries named Jesus, the hitman. This guy is hot. But unfortunately he has to be killed and he is by my protagonist, detective Samantha Wright.

Samantha is an awesome gal, and I really loved writing her. She has a lot of aspects of me. Which I’m not going to say right now. And by the way so does AriellaRose.

I also am deeply in love with my protagonist forensic psychiatrist Frank Khaos. Actually originally the novel was named after him as Khaos Rules. But then the Aries element came out and I really wanted to do ‘the sign behind the crime series’ so I changed the title. That’s very apropos since Samantha is the one who was solving the major case and the secondary plot.

Dr. Khaos  is a third degree black belt in BJ J.  His heart is as big as he is and Samantha can really bring out his alpha male traits.

Actually what I am saying is I love to write all of my characters and I get into their heads.

Have you ever killed off or gotten back at an Ex in your writing?

Well I haven’t had an ex in over 42 years since Bob and I have been together that time. But I have knocked off people, organizations and other things, that no one will ever be able to decipher, in my manuscripts.

What hobbies do you incorporate into your writing?

Not so much hobbies, but other parts of me, other parts of my careers, my other life being a New York City teacher and after. I totally bring in alternative therapies and holistic therapies because that is one of my fields as a holistic health practitioner. I specialize in the mind-body connection and do a lot of metaphysical training and workshops. Basically what I do regarding spirituality,metaphysics are in both Gemini and Aries.

In Gemini,  forensic psychiatrist John Trenton is psychic and clairvoyant and very in tune with all of his abilities. In Aries, detective Samantha Wright is just coming to terms with her psychic intuition. She is not at all trusting or in control of what she’s feeling. In fact, Dr. Trenton does make an appearance in Aries and discusses with Samantha what she needs to do to trust her intuition.

So there you have it but that’s all I’m going to say about Aries just yet.

Now onto another awesome writer and read about her favorite characters to write,
Tessa Gray.

The Mind Behind The Crime



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  1. I can see why writing psychopathic female killers would be a rush–perhaps a little scary too as you get into the mindset. Looking forward to reading Gemini and Aries! Congrats on 42 years with your husband. It’s an under appreciated achievement these days, and wonderful.

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