Romance Weekly: Week 5!


What is your writing process like?

My writing process varies depending upon the project I’m working on. For Gemini,
I had a complete outline done before I started working on the novel on paper. It was a story I created awhile back. When I picked it up again, I ran through the story in my mind from start to finish before writing one word. And even then, when I started typing, my characters took me into different directions and I wound up adding a lot more than in the original concept. For example, the love interest who was only mentioned in the original became a supporting character. Therefore, I added romantic elements as a sub genre to the psychological thriller. I believe it made the novel a much stronger story. I added our current local, Central Florida, where originally, it was only NYC. For Gemini you can definitely say I was a Plotter. And that is someone who could outline and plot for a very long time  without beginning an actual chapter. I also like to write characterizations, so I know the backgrounds of each character and how they think, feel and act. Sometimes this is the hardest part, making the characters unique.

For my WIP,  that is work in progress, I decided I wanted to work as a Panster.
That is someone who has a vague idea of the plot, some storylines in their head
and then begins to write chapter 1 and following without an outline on paper.
For me that didn’t work. I was able to write a few chapters and then it became
what’s  next? So I decided, for me I’m really best at being a Plotter.

Then I realized with my WIP,  being a total Plotter isn’t working either. So
there is the next category of being a Planster. That is, a combination of being
a Plotter and the Panster.  We plot to a point, write it all out, see what
directions our characters take us and then plan again. For me, this combination
is working best for this particular manuscript. I could plan a couple of
chapters, write a few thousand words, and then go back to my notebook  to plan
what’s happening next. Actually my characters know better than I as to what’s in
their motivations. Basically for me, what works best for my writing process is
that I actually become my characters. The events and scenarios happen to me
first and then I translate them into my age appropriate characters, since my
characters are much younger than me in reality.

Do you listen to music to enhance your writing?

No. I don’t. I write better in silence. Or if something is playing in the
background, it has to be something I can block out.

What I do listen to, in order to enhance my writing are my characters in my brain and what
they are saying, thinking, feeling. I work out in the pool with my water
dumbbells doing aerobics almost every day. Here in Florida I find writing
poolside is very conducive to my writing. For some reason water, natural or
man-made, enhances my writing process. All of my friends know that if I’m on my
iPad at the pool they don’t dare come over to me to interrupt my thought

In the pool I could do my aerobics with my eyes closed and my face up towards
the sun, must get my vitamin D, and I could create many scenes while I’m working
out. Our pool is not that crowded, so I’m not really in any danger of bumping
into people. I go into my own little world with my eyes closed and my mind on my

I’ve also written some really sizzling sex scenes in the pool. Interestingly, in
Gemini there  is a really spicy scene between my hero and his love interest

What two songs describe your overall body of work?

Um, that’s really a tough one. But immediately only one song came to mind. The
soundtrack of JAWS. Just wait until Gemini is published and you’ll know exactly
what I mean. This describes my psychopathic predatory murderer female

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