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It was 3 AM. It woke me up. It was as if a magical cord was attached to me to draw me into my kitchen to follow that putrid sent. I sniffed and sniffed it and finally located it. It was near my refrigerator. Not in it. And not coming from my counter that was about 2 feet away from the fridge. The scent was in mid air, not on the ground, not touching anything. It was just there. What did I discover? Was it a ghost? No it was not a ghost. Ha! It was a spirit. It had arrived from nothingness just to annoy me. It was a playful spirit, at that. The smell lingered a day. Then it would disappear. Then it would reappear. Finally, finally, finally, my husband Bob even smelled it. What could it possibly have meant? Then I realized where it came from. Who had sent it. It was none other than my mother, Esther. She’s had a habit, since she had passed in 2004, to reappear and send us messages.  Her usual method is flicking the light switches, making electronics fail, or making the phone ring. But now, she decided to switch things up a bit. She added a putrid smell. In a meditation I realized why she had appeared in that medium. With all of my writing, I haven’t been cooking very much. So Esther, in her infinite wisdom, was sending me a message that I better start cooking more to please Bob. And Voila! ! I started cooking more and Esther, in that putrid smell form, has not reappeared.

This is a true story!

Now onto another awesome writer, Mikki Cober at http://www.mikkicober.blogspot.com

The Mind behind The Crime, Ronnie


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  1. I get this so well. There have been occasions where I’ve smelled the perfume of some of my relatives who’ve passed on. Usually it’s when something in this life has really effected me emotionally. It’s comforting really 🙂 Great blog!!!

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