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Do you prefer to write futuristic, contemporary, or historical, and why?

Contemporary, present day is where my interests lie. My novels are set in locations in which I lived which is New York City and now rural Central Florida. I like exploring the culture shock that my characters experience coming from the big city to a small town. A lot is revealed about their personalities when doing this. For example, in Gemini, psychiatrist John Trenton has to think about what makes him worthy as a man. In New York City his degrees and affiliations defined him. Coming to this small-town those mean nothing. He has to look deep inside himself and change his core beliefs.

What is your favorite era in history and why does it inspire you?

Actually I don’t have a favorite. So any era does not inspire my writing. My mind just doesn’t go there.

How has your life experience contributed to your writing?

For this answer, I could write a book. But I will address my first novel, Gemini, since this book is the foundation for this website.

In New York City, I worked to the Department of Education for over 33 years. During that time I worked as a crisis intervention specialist, classroom teacher, and staff developer, teachers’ coach. Having a license as a New York State school psychologist, I basically had the career of the antagonist in Gemini, Barbara Montgomery.The scenes with Dr. Montgomery and a teacher in the school, in her classroom, are experiences I’ve actually had with staff. Or pretty darn close!

In the early 90s I began a journey in healing and alternative therapies. I have many certifications in alternative therapies such as in Crystal healing, Reiki, including a PhD in Parapsychic sciences. I’m also a certified Tarot master instructor. Dr. Trenton the psychiatrist in Gemini is a holistic forensic psychiatrist. Yes, there are psychiatrists in real life like him, too! Not only is he psychic and clairvoyant, he practices the therapies that I’m certified in and that I teach my clients. In Gemini, both the antagonist, the psychopathic killer, and Dr. Trenton do Tarot readings. In writing the novel, I actually did a reading for the question I asked, pretending to be the killer, and I used the cards I drew. I didn’t not select the cards on purpose. I was able to get into deep POV that way. Deep inside the character’s head. I believe I wrote on a previous blog how much I like to be the ‘bad girl.’ I wasn’t kidding!

He uses energy healing, Reiki, to discover blockages in the killer’s body, that show she’s holding in emotions. He uses Medical Orgone Therapy which is comparable to New Age chakra work to help bring up traumas buried deep within her soul.

Dr. Trenton calls upon his spirit guide, Max, who helps him diagnose and profile the killer. The reader can actually learn how to summon their own guide. It’s the way I teach my clients to access theirs. Readers just need to follow the doc’s process.

Dr. Trenton also experiences a lot of the culture shock coming down from New York City to rural central Florida as I did, when we moved here six years ago.

So yes, my real life definitely affects my writing!

I hope you enjoy this blog and feel free to ask me questions about alternative therapies, Crystal healing, Tarot, meditation, even contacting your spirit guide and I will be happy to answer them in a response to this blog.

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The Mind Behind The Crime,


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    • Oh yeah, Brenda! John Trenton is to die for! Longish dark hair, azurite blue eyes, the athletic, 3rd degree Black Belt, who believes sex in a traditional bed can be boring.

    • Thanks Kim, Yes, I have a lot of juicy experiences to draw from, and my tag line, The Mind behind the Crime, fits me.

  1. I love that we can find conflict in so many ways, and that this is really the lynchpin of our stories. I’ve been to both New York and Florida, and agree there really is a big difference between the two! I liked them both but for very different reasons! Great answers.

  2. Fascinating stuff, Ronnie. I’m sure you did the online workshop about pitching and you were one of the pitchers. I forget who offered the course, but it was in preparation for Atlanta.

    • Hi Sarah, Yes, it was me in the Michael Hague two day pitching course. he was right. he said, if you can pitch to him, you can pitch to anyone. It sure worked. Every agent or editor I pitched to requested a partial or full ms. My SSRA chapter calls me ‘the pitching queen’ and they asked me to do a workshop on pitching for the June date. And I said yes! Best, Ronnie

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