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What’s your ideal Alpha Male and why?

Oh my goodness! This week’s answers are going to be fun! My ideal Alpha has to be a bodybuilder to the extreme. How did I get to this point you ask? Well, it started when I was three years old. That’s right, three. My favorite TV show was Tarzan and then Hercules. When I was a child I had severe asthma. In those days, physical exercise was not encouraged for asthmatics. So I always loved the people who could do the physical stunts, those who showed a lot of physicality in their size and behavior. As I got older, my favorite magazine was Muscle Magazine.

In college,  I always went for the physically fit men, those that would be captains of their teams. It may be snobbish, but I would not date a man that was not physically fit. Actually, it was more than that. I never dated a man that was not a bodybuilder. I just felt strength being held in their arms, strength that I did not have.

When I met my husband, who was very much into bodybuilding, he took me to his gym on Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn. At that point it was East Coast Gym. Now I believe it’s Forum. I’ll tell you, working out with jocks, that was fun! Not only was it motivating for me to get into better shape, they were great eye candy. Plus, they were so willing to help, especially when it looked like I was going to hang myself on some of the equipment.

Okay, so great physicality is not the only thing that makes a man alpha to me. Within that tough guy there has to be a heart and compassion. They have to be easy to talk to. They have to be interested in me for me.

Do you have a male buddy or mate you used for confirmation or inspiration when crafting your heroes?

For this question I will address my debut novel, Gemini, since I’m in contract with that project now. For Gemini, I did not pick out a specific man to emulate Dr. John Trenton. He is created totally by me, my fantasies, and what I look for in the ideal man. His intelligence really made it for me. The fact that he is drop dead gorgeous, a third degree black belt, and an amazing lover, all add to his diversity. This is one talented man in the bedroom, and out! In fact, this alpha male feels that sometimes sex in a traditional bedroom can be boring, but never with him of course!

What does any hero have to do to win my heart?

He definitely has to be good with children, an advocate of the child, and know how to relate to children. Dr. John Trenton does that in Gemini. In other words, he has to have a strong paternal instinct even if he may not be aware of it at first. This is one of the ways Dr. Trenton grows in Gemini. A male hero has to have the tough guy exterior but a very soft heart. I’m not saying that he has to be mushy. I hate mush. But he has to be able to see where I’m coming from. My hero also has to be happy for me and understand when I need him to be sympathetic and by my side. Plus, being faithful is nonnegotiable. This is another way Dr. John Trenton grows in Gemini. The onetime playboy, gave that all up when he met the women who stole his heart, Victoria Elizabeth Marin.

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    • Thanks JJ! Yeah, book boyfriends have to look great. Otherwise, I couldn’t spend a couple of years inside their heads writing them!

    • Hi Mishka, There’s got to be a balance in every relationship. Too much of the same thing, would be cumbersome.

    • Thanks Elizabeth! That was up in NYC. Down here, it’s geriatric. I almost got run over by a rascal last year. Those little motorized indoor vehicles. I was on the universal and the man’s attendant didn’t pay attention when he geared into reverse. Almost went over my foot!

  1. Chest, shoulders, arms, yeah, Ronnie—there’s something about a well cut male physique. And on the heart side I love the daddy potential point. You’re right. It’s absolutely critical for any self respecting hero.

  2. LOL…I laughed out loud about the eye candy while working out at the gym. Getting in shape plus a treat! Too funny. Congratulations on your book!

    • Hi Sonja, Thank you! And remember, my hubby was there with me as I had those wandering eyes! He just ignored me.

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