Romance Weekly Week 3!


Do you have a favorite character from any of your books?

 My favorite character is from Gemini. The antagonist, Kellie Wilson aka Barbara Montgomery, Emily Connors, Susan Miller and a multitude of others.  I actually worked the same field as she in the NYC Department of Education. This psychopathic predatory murderer was the sickest person Dr. John Trenton had met in his career. She did have a soft spot for children though. Her one redeeming quality. I love the character because she’s not afraid to tell what’s on her mind at any given moment. She’s not afraid, nor does she care when she acts on irrational thoughts. Her internal language became so scary at times, I felt sorry for her, and I’m trusting, the reader will too. I got the opportunity to delve into the psychotic mind and do things that I would never do in real life. I love writing bad girls…. and bad boys too. For me they sizzle. And some might consider me a bad girl too! She is the opposite of me though, in that she never let anyone get close to her emotionally. If they did, well her motto was, “Death to all those that come near me!”

 If you were her what would you do differently in their situation?

 Barbara was a psychopath. Yes, she had a history of extreme sexual abuse starting from when she was four years old which increased the tendency to murder but not all abuse victims become murderers. Case in point, the little boy, Ricky in Gemini whom Dr. Trenton rescued from a hostage situation and is now in the process of adopting in the next novel in the series. Then there was Bobby, the twenty-two year old, abuse victim who Dr. Trenton facilitated a turn-around in his life. So actually, in Gemini, the reader sees how different people react to the same series of events, childhood sexual abuse. I don’t know what I would do personally because I don’t have that history.

 Do you believe in the traditional HEA or do you think that sometimes characters don’t need or don’t deserve them?

I like the HEA ending if the novel is in the romance genre. But I’ve seen novels in this genre where the hero walks away in the end, and I’m like, “Damn! Why did he do that?” In this genre, I think that the reader would be dissatisfied.  Especially after hot consummate sex and seeing the relationship budding to have, the H/H walk away is toying with the reader’s emotions. That to me is a ‘no no.’ The same would be killing off the H/H. When the heroine died in ‘Love Story’ emotions were rampant among the readers and viewers even though the depth of her illness was growing in the movie. People are still talking about it today. In today’s society, with so many broken marriages and relationships, I think readers need the escape and maybe hope they can get the knowledge of how they could make it work out for them. So yes, in all of my romance novels there will be a HEA ending.

Hope you enjoyed the answers to my question, and please feel free to post comments and ask us what you’d like to know….. about our books & writing of course!



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  2. Hi Ronnie,

    I enjoyed reading your answers and the answers of the other authors. Like you, I’m a Happily Ever After girl. If I pick up a romance, then I expect the romance to end with a HEA every time. I will definitely come back to read more from Romance Weekly. Hope to see you at ACRA’s conference this year.

    Vivkie King

    • Hi Vickie! Great to hear from you and Thank you for stopping by! Yes, Judy and I will be attending ACRA’s conference in the fall. We even have the dates. Sept. 25-27. If you or any of the gals from ACRA would like to join Romance Weekly and do the blog tour with us, you’re more than welcome. We’re writers from around the world, literally! Just let me know. Best, Ronnie

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