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Who is your favorite author in your genre and why?

My favorite genre is the crime based psychological thriller. It is very fitting, that my favorite author in this genre is John Verdon. The setting in his novels is upstate New York, with which I’m familiar. The protagonist is a former NYC detective. My first novel, Gemini, has characters in the NYPD and is set mostly in NYC. His novels are present day and realistic. As mine. He is a relatively new author with three books out and his fourth is coming out July 1. Even though he does not have a law enforcement background, as I do not, Mr. Verdon could be a criminal  mastermind. I love the way he weaves the plot to develop the antagonist to be  the least likely character that the reader would suspect. We see the antagonist at the beginning and throughout the novel but his true identity is not  discovered until at least midway through or maybe even two thirds through the novels. Mr. Verdon very clearly describes the crime scene. He’s not afraid to  show the blood and gore and the emotional torment the characters are going  through. He definitely delves into The Mind Behind The Crime. In each novel, the protagonist, Dave Gurney, goes through emotional changes along with his wife Madeline. In  each book Madeline is his stability, his common sense, and his rational approach to the events. He also writes on a very high readability level, which I appreciate. With his first book, Think Of A Number, I very often had to sit with a dictionary next to me.

What is your favorite book by them and why?

My favorite book by Mr. Verdon is his second, Shut Your Eyes Tight. I like this  novel the best because by the time I read this I knew the characters. I knew the  protagonist very well and I also knew a couple of his investigators who work with him. Because they were familiar it was also easier to follow all the plot twists and turns. He also referred to the first case in his first book to help the reader play ‘catch up.’

What about their style inspires your writing?

Okay. There are several points I’d strive to emulate..

1.  I love the husband and wife relationship and the grounding effect Madeline has on Dave..

2. I love the way Mr. Verdon describes or goes into the antagonist’s point of view in snippets throughout the novel to keep us in tune with what the antagonist is thinking and planning while keep anonymity.

3.  I love the way he tells another character what has happened previously. It refreshes the reader’s memory about the case, sequence of events, twists and turns, by telling a new character who was not familiar with all of this. This prevents the reader from having to go back into the novel into previous pages and chapters to find something to refresh their own memory. It takes a lot of time for the reader to have to go back a few hundred pages to find something they may have missed.

So if you enjoy psychological thrillers I strongly recommend Verdon’s work. His  next book Peter Pan Must Die will be coming out July 1 and I can’t wait to read  it.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and that you might perhaps discover a new favorite author as well.

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Also please feel free to leave your comments and questions and we will be happy to answer them! Who is your favorite author and why?

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