Romance Weekly: Week Two


What is the weirdest question you have been asked about writing?

Actually, it was a response when others in our company told this person I was a novelist. She said and I quote, “My only claim to fame is getting a tan.” Laughed over that one. But I’ll use that line in a novel. So I’m saying it first. That line is taken! LOL

What was the most exciting thing about your writing career so far?

Three words. Becoming RWA PRO. But I will tell you how that transpired. 

In Aug. 2012, my husband saw an article in the Citrus Chronicle, advertising a workshop, entitled “Plotting Your Novel.” It was being presented by Loretta Rogers, one of Citrus Counties premiere novelists whom I had met at another writing event in Citrus County. I was mid-way through Gemini then and needed the push to continue. Going to the workshop introduced me to SSRA, Sunshine State Romance Authors, a chapter of RWA. The workshop hooked me and I joined both SSRA and RWA. In December 2012, at our Christmas party I won a full critique by then VP, now Pres. Dylan Newton, as a raffle prize and I had till Nov. 2013 to complete Gemini. I actually wanted to pitch Gemini at the 2013 RWA National conference in July so my timeframe was much shorter. I handed Gemini over to Dylan in late May and to three friends, two of whom were teachers, one of them a writer too, and the other a gal who’d understand the healing aspects of the plot.

Another opportunity came my way June 6th. Michael Hauge was giving a two-day workshop on “Pitching Your Novel” via conference calls for RWA and he was looking for four volunteers to pitch. With me not having a shy bone in my body, I volunteered and was selected. Don’t ask me how but I was selected. He said that if we could pitch to him, we could pitch to anyone. Well Michael taught the first night and then us volunteers took turns the second night. It was my first time doing a video conference ever but I did it. And he was right.

So when the July RWA conference came I pitched to two agents and a publisher and partials of Gemini were requested by all three. Got rejected on the same point though which was a great lesson. I had POV issues. But that got me PRO. I was now considered a professional, not hobbiest.

Gemini has since been re-written, I mastered POV, cut seven thousand words and the ms is now being submitted to publishers and agents.

Do you get your story ideas from real life or real people? If not, where do they come from?

Gemini started as a dream. I loved the hero, so I then created the novel in my head from start to finish before writing it on paper. At first, my Psychiatrist hero had the romantic involvement with the psychopathic killer, but I then learned that was an RWA ‘no no.” So in writing it, I added a subplot of the psychiatrist and his love interest, who becomes his wife.

My current WIP, Operation Destiny is inspired by true events. That was the catalyst for the novel, but the event is the backstory. The novel is completely fiction. That’s all I’m saying at this point.

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