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Do any of your characters you’ve written into your books remind you of yourself? Explain which ones and why.

Absolutely! There’s a little bit of me in every character. In Gemini, I had the career of the antagonist, the psychopathic killer, in my day job. In my career after school as a holistic health practitioner, I used the same alternative therapies that my forensic psychiatrist does.

Was there a teacher or mentor in your life who nurtured your writing?

I discussed inΒ a previous blog, the teacher from hell, who destroyed my self-esteem and confidence in myself as a writer. I won’t repeat that hurtful time in my life here. If you’d like to view it you can scroll down for past blogs.

As for nurturing my writing, a big resounding yes! I have my fellow mermaids and mermen from my SSRA writers chapter. Without their support, encouragement, critiquing to make my manuscript ready for submission, I truly believe I would not be in contract with Gemini today. They’ve taught me strategies for submission, how to choose what I need to do, everything from writing the first word to writing, The End, in the final draft. To meet our mermaids and mermen, please visit our awesome website!

Being a member of RWA has afforded me the opportunity to learn about online courses, conferences which were so awesome where I pitched and always got manuscript requests. I believe it was meant for me to move to Florida, against my husbands desires, but he came along anyway, just so that the universe could put me in a position to have met SSRA.

Every author has that moment when they doubt their ability to write. When that happens how do you pull yourself up by the bootstraps and continue? What do you do to inspire yourself?

Many authors feel this way after they’ve gotten a rejection from an agent or publisher. This has been my strategy and it has worked for me and I hope maybe it’ll work for the writers who read this blog. First I will research publishers to submit my manuscript to. I make sure they’re excepting the Genre I’m working on. I printed out all of the material from the website including submission guidelines. I number them in the order of submissions in which I want to make them. I read once, that we should have no less than five submissions out at a time. I believe in having less than that. My reason being, is that if someone is kind enough to give you feedback, weigh it, think about it, and make changes if it would make your manuscript better and more sellable. I’ll only submit one or two at a time. If I get a rejection, since I have a back list, I say ‘next’ and move on. This strategy worked for me in obtaining my contract from Black Opal Books.

For me personally, to convince myself that there is no doubt I have skills as a writer, I’ll often talk to my critique partners. There are times I question the readability level of my manuscripts thinking they are too low. My critique partners assure me that they are not. I’ll also check the Kincaid readability levels that are in Microsoft Word. The standard novel is written between eighth and 10th grade reading level, and I like to make sure that for the most part, I exceed that. Those are the kind of novels I like to read and write as well.

To inspire myself I use many tools of empowerment. They are meditations with the candle I program for success for the specific ms I’m working on. I also use crystals and healing stones. And I have my Lord Ganesh statue with me at all times.

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  1. you are in reality a excellent webmaster. The site loading speed is incredible. It kind of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick. Furthermore, The contents are masterpiece. you have done a fantastic job on this matter!

    • Thanks Mishka, I think a positive attitude is so necessary to succeed. You have to put it out to the universe. Put out negative, get negative

  2. Ronnie, I just adore you and your posts πŸ™‚ I loved all your answers!!! Especially how you motivate yourself back into getting to work πŸ™‚ I also agree with you, one/two at a time, polish and get it back out there πŸ™‚

    • Hi JJ, Thank you! Glad you enjoy the posts. Gotta get out there. In this biz we have to become bulletproof.

  3. I love your attitude. Many writers find rejection as a personal attack, not as a business decision. You’re persistence and ability to move on to the next publisher, etc. seems to working in your favor!

    • Thanks Veronica! You have to move one. I may think about the rejection, but then with others on a wait list, you realize there’s more choices. I’m the type that keeps my eyes open for opportunities. When they appear, I don’t hesitate or over think too much.

  4. I loved your post. Having those supportive writer friends makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

    • Thanks Carrie, As I said in the post, I know I wouldn’t be in contract w/o my SSRA chapter’s support and expertise. They are so willing to share what they know and I always believed that to be successful, you need to do what the successful people do.

    • Thanks Steven, I’m a survivor and have been through a lot. If it wasn’t for my positive outlook, I wouldn’t still be on this earth plane.

    • Hi Kim, In SSRA< Sunshine State Romance Authors, the mermaid is our mascot. So we call ourselves mermaids and mermen, of which there are three!

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