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How do you choose the setting for your book? Does where you live inspire you?

I definitely choose the settings for my books based on where I live. Gemini is set in New York City and Central Florida where we currently live. On our last trip to Brooklyn, I took many pictures of the various settings in Gemini. In the pics that I am posting here you’ll see the Sheepshead Bay neighborhood. The locations of the school and hospital have been fictionalized, changed, and nobody I know from either place is depicted in the novel. Every person in Gemini is a figment of my imagination. The only ones that you possibly might recognize are me in my various personalities. But please, don’t have me committed because I’m currently working on the third novel in the series. hospitaluntitled



In the pic of Sheepshead Bay on Emmons Avenue at the water, a major scene in Gemini takes place. I’m not going to say what that scene is right now but it will be quite emotional and a plot twist. You’ll just have to wait for Gemini to be released in the spring of this year. bayuntitled








The pic of Nathan’s, the famous hot dog place on Surf Avenue in Brooklyn is actually a point of discussion in Gemini. Two detectives discuss the calorie worthiness of the food they had just eaten. It’s a little bit of a comic relief. BTW, this pic was taken before Hurricane Sandy. Yes, Nathan’s actually has the calorie chart posted on its exterior wall!




I’ve already posted pics in other blogs of the pool setting in Gemini so I won’t repeat it here. It’s where we live in Citrus County which is fictionalized in Gemini. It’s a small town so I felt fictionalizing the police department and SWAT would be best. Now, if I could’ve gotten a picture of the SWAT Hummer that would’ve been really cool! But I haven’t seen it lately perusing the streets.

In one scene in Gemini when forensic psychiatrist Dr. John Trenton gets in the car at Tampa airport and drives up here, to 90 miles north of Tampa, he experiences the same culture shock that I did the first time. In many instances and situations, I still experience the same culture shock and we are here exactly 7 years. One of my  beta readers, when they read Gemini, said, “Oh my God, you actually took him here!” Yup, I did!

Now Aries, the second novel in the ‘Sign Behind The Crime’ series that will be released next fall, takes place completely in New York City. A good portion of the novel takes place in the Chelsea section of the lower Westside. I’ve never lived there, but I have driven through and here is where Google has been my friend. Actually Google Earth. I found the perfect park to leave the body of the first of five serial kills.

My heroine in Aries lives in the house we did in Brooklyn. She renovated it a bit as it was built in 1928. The hero lives about 10 minutes away from her in a more upscale area.

So there’s a resounding yes to answer the question of this blog. The places I have lived definitely appears in my novels.

Hope you enjoyed this blog. For the first time, my pics appeared where I wanted them to.

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    • Hi Sara, you seem organized, too! Since we’re not living in NYC anymore, it was important to take the pics. Living here in Central Fla, it’s easier for me to get a sense of environment since I’m in it.

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