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What a challenging few weeks it’s been for my state of Florida. Irma hit us hard. Some areas are still without power as of this writing. I’m feeling completely blessed because through it all, we didn’t lose power. Just for two minutes, the lights went out, and we hurried to get the candles lit and flashlights. Then the lights appeared and all was fine. We must have been in a bubble of protection, I mean it, because right outside our development power was out for up to a week. Restaurants, banks, businesses were all closed, and the lines for gas were over 1/4 mile long. The PD had sheriffs in the gas stations because even seniors were engaging in fist fights. When the supermarket finally opened, there were some instances of pickpocketing. Yes, Irma brought out the worst in people, but also the best. Our emergency services personnel, police, electric company, tree removal services all worked non-stop to get our 145,000 population of Citrus County back to normal.

Everyone had their own lives that were deeply affected, and for us writers, it was no different. My friends on deadline who had no power couldn’t meet those deadlines. It’s horrific when that happens because the release of their book can be pushed back. For me, I had gotten my edits from my publisher on Scorpio, late on Tuesday, before the storm hit us on Saturday. As you know, I write long, and Scorpio is no exception. I wanted to get my edits back before the storm got bad. I had no idea if we’d lose power or not.

When I get my edits, I like to do at least three rounds, each round taking two days. I was cutting it close. The first round, I go through what my editor suggested, and I did make the changes, and I add some, take away some. For the most part, Scorpio was in really good shape when I submitted it. Then the second round, I’ll go over it again, and look for spelling in addition. The third round, I’ll look for punctuation. Sometimes I overuse commas, and I found myself removing them. Friday, it poured here all day, and usually I don’t even turn on the computer in that weather, but I had to get those edits in. Whew! I did it. What would usually take me six days, I did in five. I’m awaiting galleys now, and I’ll recheck for punctuation in them.

I also managed to write my dedication, acknowledgements, and back cover blurb and send it in.

Because I’m feeling so blessed that we got through the hurricane unscathed, I decided one way to say ‘thank you’ and show our appreciation to the universe, was to place both books in The Sign Behind the Crime Series, Gemini and Aries up for sale for $.99 for a short time. That’s the Amazon link. And we didn’t forget nook readers on Barnes And Noble. Now’s the time to catch up on the series before Scorpio is released Oct. 28th.

I’m not posting any blurbs of Scorpio yet until I get the galleys, and everything is approved, but stay tuned. I will.

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