The Symbolism Behind The Sign Solves The Crime. How My Series Evolved #Scorpio #NewRelease

Hi, Everyone. At book events, it’s very common for people to look at my covers, then furrow their brows, and it takes awhile for it to register. Then it’s like, “How cool!” They’re talking about the tag-line under the title, The Sign Behind The Crime. I’m not an astrologer. In the past, I did nothing more than look at my daily horoscope in the NY Post. So how did I go from there to now writing a zodiac series? Consciously, I haven’t a clue. The universe manifests things in wondrous ways. I can attest to that many times over. And those of you who know me, know I follow universal messages carefully. Gemini, the first book, went through title changes throughout its development. I won’t give the titles here because I might want to use them for a different book. I’m a Gemini, so I made my protagonist, Dr. John Trenton a Gemini, and the killer, Barbara Montgomery a Gemini as well. In its writing, and I do let my characters take over, the Gemini aspects came out. Thus the title. The Gemini aspects being quick witted, a great talker, great analyzer and communicator, one who wants to dig deep in situations among many others.

When I was writing Aries, the original title was Khaos Rules after the main character, Frank Khaos. My tag-line was The Mind Behind The Crime because they’re psychological thriller based. I got that ah-ha moment when the Aries elements started coming out and the series was born, The Sign Behind The Crime. The Aries woman who’s the leader of her beholden as she calls it has the Aries negative traits: arrogant, angry, impulsive, stubborn among others.

In Scorpio, the serial killer is male. Henry Slater–the perfect man except to women who tell him what he doesn’t want to hear. This man is driven in business, strong-minded, intelligent, and sexy. Scorpios have the reputation as being amongst the most sexual.

In fact, the tag-line is so original, that at a major conference, someone told me they never heard of that before. Very cool. I knew I was onto something. When I talk about the symbolism behind the sign in the books, I’m not talking text-book astrology. I use a lot of color symbolism. Gemini is yellow, though in some resources it’s orange. Aries is red, and full of fire. Scorpio is burgundy. And with Libra, I’m having a hard time nailing down the color. It’s a green-blue in some sources, pastels in others. All I know is, the color on the cover will be gorgeous.

I also look at the behavior characteristics of the signs, and the symbol. In Gemini which is more psychological since Gemini’s are more mental, a major clue that comes out is Castor and Pollux, hence the graphic on the cover. In Aries, an analysis of the Ram led that to be on the cover. In Scorpio, the analysis of the behavior of scorpions is a major clue, hence it’s on the cover. The three droplets of blood dripping from the stinger symbolizes murder. I learned that from the art director at my publishing house. Blood=murder, though in Scorpio there’s no bloodshed.

Even though the books are romantic thrillers, and steamy ones at that, we chose to go with the sign symbolism on the cover rather than couples. But be rest assured when you read these novels, you’ll get the steaminess amongst the lead characters as you would in other romance novels.

If you’ve read my other blogs, you’ve read some excepts of Scorpio already, so I’m not putting an excerpt into this blog.

I do want to tell you that at Barnes and Noble, the paperback of Scorpio is $10.70 vs its reg. price of $15.99 elsewhere. So if you’re a paperback lover, grab it there. These pics will give you a tease about the men in Scorpio.

For those local to Central Florida, these are my book signings coming up, so you can bring the book to me to sign and receive some awesome usable swag:

Fri. Nov. 17-The Next Chapter Bookstore in Inverness. 105B Courthouse Square. 12-3 pm

Tues. Nov. 28th The Holiday Boutique, The Hampton Room 1-5:30

You can also buy Scorpio at:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

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