Victoria Elizabeth Marin aka Vicki Trenton, speaks!

Me: Hi Vicki! It’s such a pleasure to have you here. I am really excited! And people are dying to hear about you and John!

Vicki: The pleasure is all mine, Ronnie. Ever since I participated in the event celebrating Victoria Day in Canada, people have been asking me so many questions. So, I might as well answer all of them now.

Me: I’m so glad you’re willing to talk! And I see that baby bump. How are you feeling?

Vicki: I’m really well thank you. Actually, we’re really well. Just did the sonogram. It’s twins, a boy and a girl.

Me: Have you thought of names yet?

Vicki: Yes. Alexi and Zachary.

Me: Well, you certainly have the alphabet covered.

Vicki: Um, didn’t think of that. But that’s the teacher in you, Ronnie. Actually, I should’ve thought of that too.

Me: Adorable names. So, what are your plans now that John is recovering in Florida?

Vicki: We get that question a lot. He’s definitely the New York City guy. And he’s not fond of the heat and humidity either. But he’s managing. We have a lot going on now. So I think he’s glad he took a sabbatical for about 10 months to a year.

Me: What is he doing to keep himself busy?

Vicki: John likes to always be on the go. It’s hard to keep him nailed down. Even when he was in the ICU he gave the nurses a very hard time because he didn’t want to lay still. But now that’s over and he’s recuperating very well. He’ll have an opportunity to finish his book and he’s working on that every day. He’s also teaching at the community college in their criminal justice program. And he’s very, very busy with Ricky. He’s totally devoted to him.

Me: And what about you?

Vicki: I’m busy with Ricky and his adjustment. We are homeschooling until he catches up. He’s quite delayed in reading and writing skills. He can talk up a story but to get him to read a book, takes, well, persuasion.

Me: What kind of persuasion?

Vicki: John set up a reward system for him. When John was in the ICU, the first thing Ricky came in to bombard him with was the dog, which we now have, named Duke. Duke was too young to adopt so John decided to use him as leverage, which I thought was a great idea. So if Ricky wanted a dog that badly, he would sit down and start doing some school work with us and help in setting up his little classroom that we have in his parent’s house. Now John has Ricky in Tae Kwan Do and on a baseball team. It’s our hope, that when the other children talk about school and all the fun that they’re having, Ricky will approach the subject matter too and possibly want to go to school. We’re also working on formal adoption. That will take a few more months. Ricky can’t wait to take our last name. We feel that would really be a turning point for him to see that his life with us is permanent.

Me: That would be great. He’s a bright little boy. Definitely a survivor. Where are you living now that your house is a crime scene?

Vicki: With my in-laws. Don’t give me that look, Ronnie. Yes, we moved in with John’s parents, Esther and Sam. They actually love having us there and they are so in love with Ricky. Plus, his dad love love loves my cooking.

Me: Besides cooking, and being with Ricky, how are you spending your days?

Vicki: I’m very busy with Ricky. Homeschooling. Making sure I follow the Florida state regulations. John’s parents watch him a lot, too. They were dying for a grandchild and they love showing him off. So it gives me time for myself. I do Reiki and go to yoga several times a week. We have a center down here that my friends created. It’s free to the community. They do an awesome job. And I have wonderful friends and I’m always with my sister-in-laws, especially Jaimie. Oh, and I’m learning how to play Mahjong. I play a couple of times a week with my mother-in-law’s friends. John would rather I spend time taking courses towards my Masters Degree in Education, but I keep procrastinating. That’s down the road, but I promised him I would do it.

Me: It has to be when you’re ready. On the Victoria Day event, you spoke about a lot of sizzling things between you and John. Can you give me some tidbits?

Me: John is hot! No two ways about it. The minute I saw him, actually the second I saw him, when we met that first night in the emergency room, it was an instant attraction. I don’t know if too many women feel this but the first thing I told my mom when I went home was that ‘I met the man I’m going to marry tonight.’ And I found out, that John told his mother the same thing the next morning. So, we were in sync from the get-go. He’s an absolutely amazing partner. He really shows me that he’s concerned about my happiness when we’re being intimate, even before his. He says that’s how a true man should behave. I was rather shy and reserved in the bedroom before I met John. But now, there isn’t a shy bone in my body. He taught me a lot. I won’t go into details since this blog is PG. At least, I want to keep it PG just in case John reads it. He doesn’t like to discuss his private moments on social media. He had more than enough of that when he was in the New York City player scene in his bachelor days. My father saw so many pictures of him on the Internet with different women, that he hated him at first and warned me. But my dad has grown to love John now that he sees how wonderful and devoted he is with me. But to really see our intimacies, you’ll have to read Gemini when it’s released by Black Opal Books, early 2015.

Me: Thank you so much Vicki for spending the time with us. I know my readers will really enjoy listening to you. So that’s it folks. An update on where the Trenton’s are now in their lives. Hope you enjoyed the blog and feel free to leave comments.

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    • Thank you, Flossie. They are. John is so in love with her and it took a very special woman to change his ways! I will be bringing them into my new WIP, but not as the main characters. Thank you for commenting! Best, Ronnie

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