Romance Weekly: Week 5!

What is your writing process like? My writing process varies depending upon the project I’m working on. For Gemini, I had a complete outline done before I started working on the novel on paper. It was a story I created awhile back. When I picked it up again, I ran through the story in my mind from […]

SouthWest Florida Romance Writer’s Conference

I’m back home safe and sound from our trip to Estero, Florida but I’m still flying high with the energy. I went to the conference with my partner in crime, Judith Kammeraad, and as usual, we rocked! When I told people I was going to Estero, they asked, “What? Where?” We get the same response […]

Romance Weekly Week 3!

Do you have a favorite character from any of your books?  My favorite character is from Gemini. The antagonist, Kellie Wilson aka Barbara Montgomery, Emily Connors, Susan Miller and a multitude of others.  I actually worked the same field as she in the NYC Department of Education. This psychopathic predatory murderer was the sickest person […]

Romance Weekly: Week Two

What is the weirdest question you have been asked about writing? Actually, it was a response when others in our company told this person I was a novelist. She said and I quote, “My only claim to fame is getting a tan.” Laughed over that one. But I’ll use that line in a novel. So […]