My Turn to Blog Hop!

Hi Everyone, Last week I wrote an introduction to what this blog hop will be about, so I won’t repeat here. However, I do want to thank Candy Burke again for her warm invitation.. 1. What I’m I working on now. My current WIP (Work In Progress) is a Romantic Suspense that takes place in […]

Blog Hop Coming Next week!

              How exciting this is going to be! I was invited to participate in a blog hop by Candy Burke, a multi-published author of romance novels who happens to be one of my Facebook and twitter friends. She wrote a blog answering four questions, and ‘tagged’ three authors to […]

Ancient City Romance Author’s Conference

Yes! It’s taken me a week to get to write this because I’m still on a high! I met the most supportive and knowledgeable bunch of published authors who have been together for over fifteen years. What an accomplishment! To have the patience to be critique partners for such a long time says a lot about their […]

Update On My Progress Towards Publication

Hi Everyone, I know it’s been awhile. I’ve been busy going through Gemini again, making corrections based on suggestions I received from one of the agents I submitted to. I believed her comments to be very worthwhile so I made the appropriate changes. I’ve been told by many people in my writer’s chapter that the […]

The RWA National Conference in Atlanta

Truly the most amazing time I’ve had in years! The Atlanta Marriot Marquis was the largest hotel I’ve ever been in, gotten lost in, and burned over a 1000 calories a day in; walking, walking walking, becoming disoriented finding the lecture halls and even our way up to our room on the 41st floor. My […]


The June opportunity Michael Hauge, world renowned writing consultant was offering a two day pitching workshop through RWA. He was looking for four volunteers. When I got the email, I immediately emailed the president of our chapter, Loretta Rogers, published military and western romance author and asked if I should volunteer. Of course I knew […]

I Am So Grateful!!!

Wow Readers, so many wonderful things have happened since I wrote last. The past few months I have been working on getting Gemini ready for submission. And I have done exactly that. Partials of Gemini are now with a NYC publisher and 2 NYC agents. So how did I get there? With very hard work […]

Author’s Writing Goals For 2013 & Their Web Sites Cont’d

Hi Ronnie, My primary writing goals for 2013 are to write and submit  three manuscripts and publish two books. Although these are output goals and not high level goals, focusing on them allows me to develop  incremental objectives of how much writing to accomplish each day, week, and month.  As I mentioned in our writing […]

Author’s Writing Goals For 2013 & Their Web Sites

1. My single goal is to finish the WIP.  That may not sound like much, since I’m about two-thirds through the first draft, but  my first book, Damned If You Don’t, went through six or seven drafts and I anticipate the same this time around. Ronnie, best of luck meeting your goals. I’m in awe […]

My Writing Goals For 2013. What Are Yours?

Hi All, I’m seeing it in every group on Linkedin, in my Yahoo Groups writer’s Loops and at my meetings. Everyone is asking, ‘What are your writing goals for 2013?’ So I decided to write a blog on mine and open it up to you, my readers, to add yours. As of today, Jan. 27, 2013, […]