Meet Author Kathleen Kaska #nonfiction Writing Tips Delivered With Humor

Hi everyone, today I have the pleasure of hosting Black Opal Books sister author, Kathleen Kaska and her new non-fiction release. I’m sure you’ll find this book helpful. Do You Have a Catharsis Handy? Five-Minute Writing Tips had their origins as Cave Art Press blog posts. The tips include writing styles, grammar and punctuation rules, […]

Do You Love Salmon? Here Are Some Recipes For You! #newrelease coming 10/28.

Hey, everyone. If you’re followers of mine on Instgram and Facebook, you’ve seen many of my recipes, mostly gluten and lactose free. I’ve seen posts from people on Facebook asking for salmon recipes so I decided to write a blog with them in one place. As I’m sure you’ve heard, we writers put a lot of […]

Meet Author Paula V. Hardin Contemporary #romanticsuspense #newrelease

Hi everyone, Today, I have the pleasure of hosting Paula Hardin, a contemporary romantic suspense author, whose book A Daughter’s Justice was recently released. Paula answered many questions for you. I hope you enjoy her interview. How did you know you wanted to be a writer? I didn’t actually. This is when vampire romances first started. It […]